Life of a Runner - Cameron Deloach Cameron Deloach Nov 07, 2013

Senior year marks the beginning of many ends from the very start of the year. Cross country is no exception to this bittersweet process, and it too eventually becomes a collection of memories along with everything else. . While it is difficult to deal with this chapter of my life closing, I am most grateful for the experience to run with some of the hardest working athletes I’ve ever known.
   Unfortunately for my teammates and me, the end came sooner than we were hoping.  Last week was our sectionals meet and while I was most certainly pleased with the efforts of on both the boys’ and girls’ sides in the race, it was not enough to advance to state as a team It was not all a waste for us last week, however. Michael Johnson and Alex Coleman qualified on the boys’ side as individuals and Anna Puckett on the girls’ side. As nice as it would have been to see a team from Thompson finally advance to state, I can’t think of any three teammates more deserving to represent us this week at the 6A State Meet.  I know that I will do my best to support them from the sidelines-bringing as much spirit as I can. Maybe my teammates and I going might just be able to win the t-shirt contest advertised by the site!

Life of a Runner Cameron Deloach Cameron Deloach Sep 09, 2013

Happy Cross Country Season everyone! It's the beginning of yet another season full of Saturdays occupied by racing and team bonding. Most of us runners wouldn't trade it for anything else in the fall. I for one most definitely would not. While a variety of meets were raced by teams in Alabama last weekend, my team opened our season at the Early Bird Classic in Montevallo.