Reagan Riley: Female Athlete of the Week

What were your goals entering Saturday's race?

My only goal was to win the race! This was my first 5K this season so it would've been unfair to myself to give a time goal, but I knew in order to win, I would have to run fast.

What initially got you into running?

All my older brothers ran, so when I got to junior high school I did cross country and loved it. I played a lot of sports growing up, so I slowly transitioned out of my other sports and did my first full year of XC/track my sophomore year after just doing XC and outdoor track.

What does it mean to you to run for Mountain Brook High School?

To run for Mountain Brook means a lot to me. I'm not running for myself out there. I'm running for my teammates and my coaches who have all put so much time and energy into me. It's such an incredible group of girls and our names holds weight because of that. Putting on a Mountain Brook jersey is such a great honor [that] I hope to not take for granted my senior year.

What's something you want to leave behind after your time at Mountain Brook?

I want to leave behind a legacy of family. I view each person on my team like a sister and feel that above everything, being one is the most important thing in this sport.

What's a big goal you're still chasing for the remainder of your time in high school?

My biggest goal timewise this season is to break the state record (16:57.00 by Amaris Tyynismaa). Racing-wise, I hope to attend either NXN or Eastbay Nationals. Not sure which one I'm competing in yet.

What motivates you on the hard days?

The people around me always motivate me, but my biggest motivation is running for the glory of God and always reminding myself running is a gift [that] I should cherish.

What's the hardest workout you've ever done?

My team always does 40x200 and 200s to failure after that at the end of XC season. It's the hardest workout but also the most rewarding which makes it my favorite!

What's your go-to training shoe?

New Balance 1080s.

What's a unique prerace ritual?

I race on a full stomach! So I always eat a few crackers or a handful of almonds on my way to the starting line.

What's one of your favorite post-race celebrations?

Definitely drinking a big cup of coffee.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Chris Hemsworth.

Reagan recently committed to Notre Dame University and will look to continue her success through the rest of the cross country season.