Athlete Entries

HS Boys 5,000 Meter Run 65 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Littleton, Paxton 36:57.77 Central - Florence
Hall, Wes 23:46.81 Central - Florence
Hill, Brian 22:22.90 Deshler High School
Puckett, Daniel 19:51.68 West Limestone
Vicencio, Martin 22:21.75 Central - Florence
Kimbrough, Austin 22:51.90 Deshler High School
Webster, Aidan 19:16.84 West Limestone
Franks, Jackson 21:04.07 Central - Florence
Bernard, Brandon 23:34.36 Deshler High School
Peden, Luke Deshler High School
Barnes, Noah 24:44.64 West Limestone
Myhan, Ben 21:55.40 Deshler High School
Minshew, Everette Deshler High School
Thompson, Carter 35:40.83 Wilson High School
Waters, Andrew 19:28.51 West Limestone
David, Aiden 21:39.94 Deshler High School
Baggett, Aedyn 19:58.21 Wilson High School
O'Malley, Ethan 20:52.37 Rogers
Simms, Josh 19:29.76 Deshler High School
Bone, Ayden 17:32.63 Wilson High School
Rebman, Elijah 26:20.82 Central - Florence
Haddock, Hayden 25:52.12 Central - Florence
Smith, Austin West Limestone
Liles, Hunter 21:31.82 Rogers
Roberts, Jacob Brooks
Wofford, Tristan Central - Florence
Wilson, Kelique 24:32.87 Central - Florence
Deaton, Nathan 20:04.98 Deshler High School
Bennett, Jeremiah West Limestone
O'Malley, Tyler 25:36.26 Rogers
Krieger, Kolton 24:16.84 Brooks
Kilpatrick, Samuel 20:46.92 Central - Florence
Box, Maddox 24:57.62 Central - Florence
Hill, Cody 17:34.76 Deshler High School
Thompson, Triston 27:00.87 West Limestone
Statom, Garrett 29:27.68 Central - Florence
Hill, Alan 21:24.97 Deshler High School
Parmley, Ashton 20:28.71 West Limestone
Sauceda, Guillermo 18:50.62 Central - Florence
Rickard, Riley 17:58.30 Deshler High School
Navas, Ethan 18:58.37 West Limestone
Statom, Luke 19:10.20 Deshler High School
Denton, Parker Deshler High School
Jones, Reth 21:22.14 Wilson High School
Owens, Brayson 22:00.62 West Limestone
Tidwell, Mason 25:28.66 Deshler High School
Wallander, Easton 18:53.38 Wilson High School
Dalton, Piers 26:18.60 Rogers
Woody, Aiden 19:48.73 Deshler High School
Marks, Heath 19:39.34 Wilson High School
Lambert, Elijah Central - Florence
Navas, Landon West Limestone
Moore, Tucker 19:24.66 Rogers
Richards, Jacob 21:53.40 Deshler High School
Warren, Clark 18:55.22 Brooks
Tyree, Kendall Central - Florence
Thompson, Andon 27:35.09 Central - Florence
Smith, Christian West Limestone
Davis, Wesley 20:04.18 Rogers
Lawson, Chase 18:41.50 Brooks
LeClair, Jeremy Alex 35:13.45 Central - Florence
Box, Russell 31:30.99 Central - Florence
Austin, Landon 26:11.75 Deshler High School
Biffle, Jonathan 18:34.52 Rogers
Crouch, Karson 22:51.70 West Limestone
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HS Girls 5,000 Meter Run 27 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cole, Mallory 20:46.50 Brooks
Jaynes, Lydia 27:37.00 Rogers
Sellers, Dakoda 23:57.40 Deshler High School
Fielder, Ava 22:46.97 Rogers
Richards, Emma 21:17.50 Deshler High School
Hart, Ashley 29:23.97 Central - Florence
King, Shelby 29:37.59 Deshler High School
Serrato, Katie 20:17.95 West Limestone
Richards, Laura Beth 28:11.96 Deshler High School
Hill-Hart, Sarah 22:06.30 Deshler High School
Coats, Cameron 25:28.34 Wilson High School
Wright, Abby 23:34.27 Deshler High School
Bragwell, Aislin 25:37.29 Wilson High School
Wright, Alyssa Rogers
Hill, Emily 23:17.97 Deshler High School
McGee, Blakely 26:17.62 Rogers
Murner, Mary Alice 22:02.35 Deshler High School
Bucy, Kylee 24:09.68 Rogers
Lambert, Caroline 22:00.01 Central - Florence
Murpahy, Morgan Deshler High School
Vargas Nava, Vanessa 23:45.05 West Limestone
Hoclombe, Annika Deshler High School
Shirley, Julie Anna 25:25.20 Deshler High School
Rideout, Alyssa 24:16.17 Wilson High School
Bates, Macon 23:14.98 Deshler High School
Miller, Kylie 26:57.28 Wilson High School
Bernard, Lauren 23:31.92 Deshler High School
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MS Boys Two Mile Run 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brewer, Reece 16:57.12 Shoals Christian
Bragwell, Asher 21:19.67 Wilson High School
Bachofer, John David 13:18.65 Shoals Christian
Rich, Logan 14:17.17 Wilson High School
King, Masen 17:22.16 Wilson High School
Gargis, Ayden 14:32.06 Brooks
Miller, Nathan 22:21.19 St. Joseph Regional Catholic Sch
Warren, Judah 20:29.56 West Limestone
Brandon, Jace 15:54.29 St. Joseph Regional Catholic Sch
Roberson, Everett Wilson High School
Nelson, Drew 23:32.57 Wilson High School
Camp, Matthew 17:09.05 Shoals Christian
Goss, Cameron 15:01.16 Wilson High School
Thompson, Carter 17:48.21 Wilson High School
Marcano, Landon 18:08.89 Brooks
Miller, Chase 22:36.76 St. Joseph Regional Catholic Sch
Marbut, Benjamin 14:22.84 West Limestone
Hammond, Reed 14:20.71 Brooks
Hines, Landon Rogers
Black, Cade 17:43.36 St. Joseph Regional Catholic Sch
Patterson, Nathan 20:58.50 Wilson High School
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MS Girls Two Mile Run 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Saylor, Sophie 16:49.26 Shoals Christian
LeMay, Morgan 16:24.39 Brooks
Edwards, Kenadie Rogers
Sites, Sadie West Limestone
Cole, Rachel 17:21.63 Brooks
Ambrosio, Naylin 30:17.40 St. Joseph Regional Catholic Sch
Marbut, Seianna 14:54.17 West Limestone
Kimbrough, Ella 19:36.76 Brooks
Davis, Emma Kate 23:44.32 St. Joseph Regional Catholic Sch
Owens, Maggie 14:26.07 Shoals Christian
Marbut, Sara West Limestone
Herndon, Abigail 18:15.05 Brooks
Pham, Nhu St. Joseph Regional Catholic Sch
Romero, Ashly 17:06.09 West Limestone
Chatterton, McKenna 17:25.28 Brooks
Mauter, Chloe 23:25.46 St. Joseph Regional Catholic Sch
Fields, Claudette 16:46.95 St. Joseph Regional Catholic Sch
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