Baldwin County Championship 2018

Gulf Shores, AL

Meet Information

2018 Baldwin

County Championships

Monday, April 16, 2018 - Gulf Shores Sports Complex

Hosted by Gulf Shores & Foley

Facility- Mickey Miller Blackwell stadium at 19025 County Road 6. Rubberized





available. Timing will be FAT by Kevin Jones.

Admission-Admission will be free for K - 12th and $3 for all other spectators.

AHSAA cards &

passes & perfect attendance passes will be accepted but no special passes

(like specific school booster passes). Bring exact change or get there early.

Parking is free.

Equipment- Starting Blocks will be provided leave yours at home.


& Registration-
Entries are limited

to 5 per school per individual event and 2 per school for relays. However, only

amaximum of three individuals on a team in each event may score.


each school may only scoreone relay. A varsity athlete may enter up to 4

events including relays.


TIMES/DISTANCES: The only seed times will be from MileSplit records from the

2018 season.

ENTRY NOTE: PLEASE don't go crazy with entries for athletes who can't score.

The entry limit is verygenerous so all of your team is sure to be able to

participate but excessive entries will slow themeet unnecessarily. Maybe

consider limiting your JV who can't score to one event?


Relays can score from either heat, but only B teams will be in the first heat

and only Ateams will be in the 2nd heat. Your slower team should be in

the first heat and your faster teamshould be in the 2nd heat. This helps

to ensure teams know what they must do to score in a relay.


will be online at

Go to the meet calendar and find this meet.

Entry Fee Entry will be $200 per school. Checks should be made to FOLEY HIGH

SCHOOL and brought to the meet.

Entry Deadline Saturday April 14 by 11:00am CST. No entries will be taken after

that time! Heat sheets will be e-mailed or posted by Sunday, April 15. Print

these out as they will not be provided at the meet.

Sanctioning The meet will be sanctioned by the AHSAA for the eight schools in

Baldwin County

Verification of Entry A printout of your entries will serve as your

verification of entry into the meet.

Clerking /

Scratches There will be no additions at the meet. One-to-one substitutions will

be allowed w/o name changes unlessKevin Jones wants to change the names

and he may require a fee for this.

Awards Trophies/plaques will be awarded to the top two (2) teams for girls and boys.

Medals will

be awarded for1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each event and relay.

If one

school has more than three individuals or two relay teams in the top 8 they

will still onlyreceive awards for; AT MOST 3 individuals and 1 relay.

Rules- We will use the National Federation rulebook for any rule disputes.

Additional AHSAA rules apply.

Scoring Individual: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 Relays: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2

Field Events: Each jumper/thrower will have 4 attempts with no finals. Throws

will be in a 2 + 2 format.

There are nominimums

except for the vertical jumps:

High Jump starting height GIRLS 4'2" BOYS 5'4"

Pole vault starting height GIRLS 6'6" BOYS 8'6"

Volunteers All teams must provide two (2) competent individuals to a field

event for both boys and girls competition.

Shot put Bayside, Javelin Gulf Shores

Discus Foley

Long jump

Spanish Fort

Triple JumpRobertsdale

High Jump

Baldwin County

Pole Vault



will do hurdles.

Appeals Any appeal must be given to Tim Yahr and a group of coaches will be

assembled to make a determination.

Contact Coach

Schedule of Events

1:15pm - Coach's Meeting: Meet at the finish line.

1:45pm First

field events:

Boys High Jump followed by girls

Boys Long Jump followed by girls

Girls Triple Jump followed by boys

Boys Shot Put

Boys Javelin

Girls Discus

2nd session Beginning 30 minutes after the awards are given to all 1st session

field athletes.

Girls Shot Put

Girls Javelin

Boys Discus

2:15pm Track events (Girls compete first in all events): Awards will follow

each gender event. So immediately after the girls 4x800 the top 3 teams need to

go immediately to the award podiums to be announced and receive their awards.

Athletes will be called to the awards podiums once. If they are not there in a

reasonably quick time after the event is over then they will have to get their

award later.







NOTE: Somewhere in here all 1st session field events will be completed. When

that occurs, we will stop the running events to quickly announce and award all

of the 1st session field events. This will allow for a short break in the

running for athletes doing multiple events to rest.






Following the 4x400 the 2nd session field events will have their awards

announced. Then the team awards will be announced.

If there is bad weather imminent or weather delays then we will adjust the

awards schedule and expedite the field events to get things done more quickly.