Alabama Athlete of the Week: Vestavia Hills' Max Armstrong

Max Armstrong, from Vestavia Hills, is this week's Athlete of the Week. At the rescheduled Martin Luther King Track Classic #2 he won the 400m in 48.69 while dragging four others with him under 50 seconds. His mark is an indoor PR and near his outdoor PR of 48.50 from Sectionals last April. Hear more from Max about his performance!

Tell me about the 400m! Start to finish you were in complete control.

It felt great! I got out great, the first 200m was right about how fast I wanted it to be. Unfortunately, since I was in 2nd at that point, I knew I was going to have to wait until after the curve to make a move. Once I made my move and took the lead I just gave it everything I had the last 100m.

How did you adapt to the snow/ice last week?

Just put on a bunch of layers and ran outside at the school. I was still able to drive there.

What was your pre-race routine before the race?

I warmed up for 10 minutes outside, came in, and did some agilities and strides.

In the week before, what was the breakdown of mileage and workouts?

I did 2 workouts, the first was 2(400m, 2x150m) and the second was 500m at race pace followed by 8x100m at 14-15 with 30 seconds rest. Both workouts went really great and the rest of the days were just easy runs, 25-30 minutes, with a couple strides or drills.

What was your goal entering the race?

Sub 49.

Do you have any weird pre-race rituals?

I usually drink a zero-sugar Red Bull and eat a GU.

How many Gu could you eat in 10 minutes with water consumption allowed? (NOT recommended)

Realistically like 10-12, I think

What specifically made you want to run at Ole Miss next year?

I just loved everything about it. The team, coaches, training, school, and everything else just all fits perfectly.

What were some other schools you were looking at?

Besides Ole Miss, I visited Mississippi State, Kentucky, and Oklahoma State. I also was in touch with UNC, Alabama, FSU, etc.

What is your racing schedule for Last Chance and State? 400m and 800m for both?

Last Chance I will do 800m and probably 4x400m. State I will do the 800m, 400m, 4x800m, and 4x400m.

What are your final goals for your senior season?

My goal is to run sub 1:50 this Friday at Last Chance and win the Nike Indoor Nationals 800m. For the whole season, my goal is to be under 47.5 in the 400m and under 1:48 in the 400m.