Mac Conwell (St. Paul’s): Male Athlete of the Week

Mac Conwell (St. Paul's Episcopal): Male Athlete of the Week

How did the race at the Jesse Owens Classic go for you?

I went into the race with the sole goal of winning. I didn't want it to come down to that last stretch but I didn't play my cards right and it ended up going that way. I wanted to go from about 600m-800m out but I hesitated too much. It was a super fun race, though, and a pleasure to face such talented guys.

How pleased are you with your team's performance?

Our team took a big step in the right direction. I'm really pleased with how we ran considering it's really easy to feel helpless running on the courses and conditions we run in locally even though we win every meet. Getting up to a fast course with favorable conditions really helped our team morale and we ran very well, but most importantly, I think this race will push us towards where we need to be by the State meet.

What got you into running?

My first cousin got me into running as he was a highly successful runner at the high school and collegiate level. He's now my coach and I'm very glad I committed to running, especially under him.

What is a core memory?

Without a doubt this would be my first individual state championship in the indoor 800m last year. I pushed myself so hard in that race and never gave up and I look back to the grit it took for me to do that before nearly every race I run now.

Track or XC?

I'd have to go with XC even though I think I'm better at track. XC is just so fun with the tactics and grit it requires for everyone on the team to have a good day. It's so much more than simply a fast pace being set.

What is your pre-race routine?

My pre-race routine takes place days before the race. The whole week I'm thinking of every scenario I could be in as I go through my practices and workouts. I do an ice bath two days out and an epsom salt bath the night before. The morning before the race, I eat a peanut butter bagel. Nowadays, I don't have too many nerves before the races because I know my game plan.

You recently committed to continue your running at UNC. Can you share why specifically you chose UNC?

I saw UNC as a dynasty waiting to happen. The team is so young and the leadership given by Coach Milt is incredible. The culture is unlike one I've seen anywhere else and I'm excited to be a part of something great and get one of the best educations available in the nation.

Speaking of education, what do you plan on majoring in?

I plan on studying Biomedical Engineering. UNC has a really cool program in Biomedical Engineering where it's joint with NC State. With that, I plan to go to med school.

What is your post race cheat meal?

I don't have a specific cheat meal but I had cannolis the other day and they changed my life.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would probably go with Brazil or any South American country. I love the cultures down there and the geography is beautiful.

Favorite pro athlete?

Joe Klecker is my favorite pro runner but outside of that it's DeMar DeRozan.

Celebrity Crush?

Easy. Madeline Cline.

Favorite type of workout?

My favorite type of workout is any miler workout. Hardest one I've ever done is a secret.

Top 3 Favorite movies?

Top 3 would be Scarface, Tick Tick Boom, and Blackhawk Down. These change all the time.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Sandwich. Something within bread and has some sort of slice is always a sandwich.

What's your favorite training shoe?

My favorite shoe to train in is definitely the Vaporfly Next% 2. I like the Alphafly but the Vaporfly is a bit more Versatile.

Do you have any unfinished goals you're chasing as you finish your senior year?

My main goals left are to run some State records. I have eyes on the 5K, 2 mile, mile, and 800m.

What do you want to leave behind after your time at St. Paul's comes to an end?

What I most want to leave behind is a culture of hard work and humility. I want all the younger kids to be driven by the fact that it's easy to work hard when things are going great, but when they aren't is when it matters most.