Road to State: 1A Girls Team Scores

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1A might not be the biggest classification but that doesnt mean there isnt some good talent.  We combine all of the 1A performance so far this season and score them as a meet.  Find out who is "On the Road to State!"

100 Meter Dash

1Katherine Brandon2017Whitesburg Christian Academy13.07 10
2Mattie Weeks2022Whitesburg Christian Academy13.38 8
3DeAnna Lockett2017Westminster School at Oak Mountain13.67 6
4Walteria Tatum2020Notasulga13.72 5
5Hannah York2019Westminster School at Oak Mountain14.07 4
6Jamya Callens2019Billingsley14.25 3
7Scout Bender2022Whitesburg Christian Academy14.48 2
8Isabella Cline2017St Bernard14.86 1
9Ariel Sullivan2017Sweet Water14.89 --
10Destiny Hodges2018Wadley15.20 --
11Jill Gillum2020Phillips15.32 --
12Victoria Washington2017Sweet Water15.52 --
13Olivia Abernethy2020Westminster School at Oak Mountain15.57 --
13Savannah Wright2022Donoho15.57 --
15Paris Bolinger2020St Bernard15.85 --
16Kylie Cline2017Victory Christian School16.13 --
--Allison Prince2021Whitesburg Christian Academy14.64 --
--Sarah Jaeger2022Whitesburg Christian Academy14.78 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Katherine Brandon2017Whitesburg Christian Academy26.61 10
2Mattie Weeks2022Whitesburg Christian Academy27.78 8
3Scout Bender2022Whitesburg Christian Academy29.58 6
4Walteria Tatum2020Notasulga29.68 5
5Kyra Tolbert2019Notasulga29.96 4
6Jamya Callens2019Billingsley30.12 3
7Julianna Taylor2018Phillips30.33 2
8Kristina Glass2020Victory Christian School30.38 1
9Isabella Cline2017St Bernard30.48 --
10Ariel Sullivan2017Sweet Water30.61 --
11Lindy Thompson2020Victory Christian School31.24 --
12Hannah Richburg2020Westminster School at Oak Mountain31.59 --
13Noel Gulsby2017J.U. Blacksher32.07 --
14Caroline Callahan2020Westminster School at Oak Mountain32.11 --
15Jill Gillum2020Phillips32.26 --
16Caitlyn Martin2019Phillips32.75 --
--Sarah Jaeger2022Whitesburg Christian Academy32.29 --
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400 Meter Dash

1DeAnna Lockett2017Westminster School at Oak Mountain1:01.88 10
2Katherine Brandon2017Whitesburg Christian Academy1:02.73 8
3Mattie Weeks2022Whitesburg Christian Academy1:02.82 6
4Sarah Kate Lipperd2018Westminster School at Oak Mountain1:03.07 5
5Walteria Tatum2020Notasulga1:04.73 4
6Kyra Tolbert2019Notasulga1:06.14 3
7Ivy Edge2019St Bernard1:07.55 2
8Hannah Vandiver2021Shades Mountain Christian School1:07.91 1
9Morgan Hunter2019Notasulga1:08.09 --
10Emily Pierce2019Whitesburg Christian Academy1:08.47 --
11Lizbeth Medina2020St Bernard1:10.35 --
12Caroline Callahan2020Westminster School at Oak Mountain1:10.84 --
13Julianna Taylor2018Phillips1:11.48 --
14Claire Sanders2020St Bernard1:12.49 --
15Lindy Thompson2020Victory Christian School1:12.75 --
16Libbie Davenport2020Victory Christian School1:14.21 --
--Gabby Cassity2017Sweet Water1:06.88 --
--Hannah Richburg2020Westminster School at Oak Mountain1:11.99 --
--Katie Hoaglund2020Westminster School at Oak Mountain1:13.12 --
--Suzie Weir2020Victory Christian School1:20.27 --
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800 Meter Run

1Hannah Tarwater2018Whitesburg Christian Academy2:25.02 10
2Camilla Lemons2018Westminster School at Oak Mountain2:34.70 8
3Caroline Summers2022Whitesburg Christian Academy2:37.54 6
4Ivy Edge2019St Bernard2:40.48 5
5Hannah Vandiver2021Shades Mountain Christian School2:42.00 4
6Katelyn Cowie2017St Bernard2:44.38 3
7Claire Sanders2020St Bernard2:47.38 2
8Rachel Faulk2018Westminster School at Oak Mountain2:48.36 1
9Kyra Tolbert2019Notasulga2:52.64 --
10Alyssa Carpenter2017Victory Christian School2:57.09 --
11Hannah Prather2017Phillips3:18.79 --
12Madison Lilley2020J.U. Blacksher3:24.65 --
13Destinie Blackmon2019Billingsley3:27.47 --
14Katie Smith2020Sweet Water3:31.96 --
15Kylie Cline2017Victory Christian School3:35.06 --
16Suzie Weir2020Victory Christian School3:36.62 --
--Lizbeth Medina2020St Bernard3:05.34 --
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1,600 Meter Run

1Hannah Tarwater2018Whitesburg Christian Academy5:31.49 10
2Camilla Lemons2018Westminster School at Oak Mountain5:33.95 8
3Leahrose Mami2018St Bernard5:40.57 6
4Caroline Summers2022Whitesburg Christian Academy5:42.36 5
5Maddie Hoaglund2017Westminster School at Oak Mountain5:44.85 4
6Rachel Faulk2018Westminster School at Oak Mountain6:05.04 3
7Eva Barck2018St Bernard6:33.00 2
8Alyssa Carpenter2017Victory Christian School6:37.11 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Hannah Tarwater2018Whitesburg Christian Academy11:41.90 10
2Leahrose Mami2018St Bernard12:17.56 8
3Caroline Summers2022Whitesburg Christian Academy12:30.55 6
4Katelyn Cowie2017St Bernard13:29.33 5
5Eva Barck2018St Bernard14:11.03 4
6Kayley Burgess2020J.U. Blacksher15:24.00 3
--Lizbeth Medina2020St Bernard14:30.08 --
--Anna Beth Guthery2021St Bernard16:14.93 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Iesha Bouler2018Marengo50.33 10
2Walteria Tatum2020Notasulga50.79 8
3Mattie Weeks2022Whitesburg Christian Academy50.95 6
4Gabby Cassity2017Sweet Water51.42 5
5Tomysha Boykins2017Linden52.83 4
6Emily Cusker2017Whitesburg Christian Academy54.66 3
7Kyra Tolbert2019Notasulga55.35 2
8Crimson Stanger2021Marion County55.93 1
9Morgan Alley2022Whitesburg Christian Academy56.12 --
10Anna Faulk2018St Bernard56.58 --
11Destiny Hodges2018Wadley56.76 --
12Noel Gulsby2017J.U. Blacksher59.90 --
--Brynn Holbrook2021Whitesburg Christian Academy57.39 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Marengo54.19 10
2Linden54.58 8
3Whitesburg Christian Academy55.87 6
4Sweet Water57.00 5
5Cornerstone Schools of Alabama59.49 4
6Victory Christian School1:00.35 3
7St Bernard1:00.38 2
8Phillips1:05.96 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Marengo4:08.40 10
2Sweet Water4:20.20 8
3Whitesburg Christian Academy4:30.65 6
4St Bernard4:44.96 5
5Victory Christian School5:04.19 4
6Cornerstone Schools of Alabama5:12.19 3
7Phillips5:15.48 2
8J.U. Blacksher6:15.92 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1St Bernard10:37.13 10
2Whitesburg Christian Academy10:45.52 8
3Cornerstone Schools of Alabama12:34.62 6
4Linden12:41.71 5
5Victory Christian School13:16.51 4
6J.U. Blacksher14:15.17 3
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Triple Jump

1Brynn Holbrook2021Whitesburg Christian Academy31-8.25 10
2Jaden Edge2017St Bernard29-5 8
3Emma Cape2021Whitesburg Christian Academy29-0.25 6
4Elizabeth Tillery2022Whitesburg Christian Academy28-8.5 5
5Noel Gulsby2017J.U. Blacksher28-6.75 4
6Lakisha Lucy2020Marengo25-6 3
7Makayla Richardson2021Linden25-5 2
8Precious Rogers2020Linden20-7 1
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High Jump

1Emma Cape2021Whitesburg Christian Academy4-10 9
1Jaden Edge2017St Bernard4-10 9
3Julianna Taylor2018Phillips4-8 6
4J'mya Hall2020Marengo4-5 5
5Gabby Cassity2017Sweet Water4-3 4
6Elizabeth Tillery2022Whitesburg Christian Academy4-2 2.5
6Tomei Fincher2021Cornerstone Schools of Alabama4-2 2.5
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Long Jump

1Tyroneisha Charleston2019Linden15-2 10
2Elizabeth Tillery2022Whitesburg Christian Academy14-9 8
3Brynn Holbrook2021Whitesburg Christian Academy14-5 6
4Jaden Edge2017St Bernard14-3 5
5Gabby Cassity2017Sweet Water13-10 4
6Makayla Richardson2021Linden13-3 3
7Rachelle Varner2019Linden13-0 2
8Ariel Sullivan2017Sweet Water12-9.5 1
9Katie Croushorn2019Westminster School at Oak Mountain12-6 --
10Shabreanne Goodson2017Billingsley12-5.25 --
11Camryn Neal2017Westminster School at Oak Mountain12-3 --
12Victoria Washington2017Sweet Water11-11 --
13Morgan Matz2017St Bernard11-4 --
13Sallie Cheatwood2021Victory Christian School11-4 --
13Shelby Knudsen2017Wadley11-4 --
16Emily Treadwell2019Marengo11-2 --
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Pole Vault

1Emma Cape2021Whitesburg Christian Academy8-0 10
2Brynn Holbrook2021Whitesburg Christian Academy7-6 8
3Anna Faulk2018St Bernard7-0 6
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1Ashley Duke2020St Bernard81-1 10
2Crimson Stanger2021Marion County80-11 8
3Lindsey Bailey2020Whitesburg Christian Academy69-1 6
4Macy Whaley2020St Bernard66-5 5
5Cassidy Lynch2019Wadley64-7 4
6Rileigh Bannister2020Victory Christian School64-3 3
7Aolani Clayton2019Phillips63-11 2
8Courtney Taylor2018Phillips61-11 1
9Anne Acevedo2018Wadley58-4 --
10Anna Myers2017St Bernard54-4 --
11Laurel Sims2020J.U. Blacksher44-3 --
12Savannah Scott2019J.U. Blacksher39-7 --
13morgan moore2018J.U. Blacksher37-8 --
14MaryCatherine Griffith2020Westminster School at Oak Mountain36-7 --
15Evan Raines2019Westminster School at Oak Mountain35-3 --
16Lauren Reed2022Victory Christian School34-3 --
--Jenna Pechon2020St Bernard38-1 --
--Elista Phillips2021J.U. Blacksher36-11 --
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1Anna Myers2017St Bernard77-3 10
2Ashley Duke2020St Bernard68-5 8
3Davonyae Miller2018Marengo68-3 6
4Emily Treadwell2019Marengo68-1 5
5Macy Whaley2020St Bernard61-2 4
6Danaea Miller2021Marengo58-3 3
7Aubree Dudley2018Billingsley55-6 2
8MaryCatherine Griffith2020Westminster School at Oak Mountain55-4 1
9Makayla Lucas2020Phillips52-9 --
10Morgan Bonner2019Lindsay Lane Christian Academy51-9 --
11Naysa Odoms2018Cornerstone Schools of Alabama51-8 --
12Tamayia Samuel2018Cornerstone Schools of Alabama50-10.5 --
13Aolani Clayton2019Phillips48-8 --
14Twyla Harris2021Linden48-3 --
15Ashley Caroline Self2018Westminster School at Oak Mountain48-1 --
16Virginia Mangum2019Donoho47-1 --
--Kamariah Croom2022Cornerstone Schools of Alabama42-1 --
--Jenna Pechon2020St Bernard42-0 --
--Amiya Harris2022Cornerstone Schools of Alabama41-1 --
--Kate'lin Williams2017Cornerstone Schools of Alabama37-8 --
--Clayton Raines2019Westminster School at Oak Mountain28-3 --
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Shot Put

1Shuntae January2021Marengo29-8.5 10
2Lindsey Bailey2020Whitesburg Christian Academy27-4.5 8
3Anna Myers2017St Bernard27-4 6
4Emily Treadwell2019Marengo26-9 5
5Timmeseya Campbell2018Sweet Water26-4 4
6Tamayia Samuel2018Cornerstone Schools of Alabama26-1 3
7Courtney Taylor2018Phillips25-7 2
8Aubree Dudley2018Billingsley25-5.25 1
9Ashley Duke2020St Bernard24-9 --
10Kate'lin Williams2017Cornerstone Schools of Alabama24-5.75 --
11Anna Scott2019Linden24-3 --
12Davonyae Miller2018Marengo22-10 --
13Macy Whaley2020St Bernard22-3 --
14Twyla Harris2021Linden22-0 --
15Aolani Clayton2019Phillips21-11 --
16Naysa Odoms2018Cornerstone Schools of Alabama21-9 --
--Kamariah Croom2022Cornerstone Schools of Alabama20-10.25 --
--Olivia Lipkin2021Cornerstone Schools of Alabama19-8.5 --
--Jenna Pechon2020St Bernard18-3.5 --
--Amiya Harris2022Cornerstone Schools of Alabama18-2.25 --
--Savannah Scott2019J.U. Blacksher17-6 --

Team Scores

1Whitesburg Christian Academy212.5
2St Bernard126
4Westminster School at Oak Mountain50
6Sweet Water31
8Cornerstone Schools of Alabama18.5
9Victory Christian School16
11J.U. Blacksher11
12Marion County9
14Shades Mountain Christian School5