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Franklin High School Cross Country and Track coach.

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2 months ago Course
How much of the course is on pavement? F it is a large section, is there dirt or something on the...
9 months ago 1st Annual Coach Sam Smith Invitational 2018
How many entries will each team get in each event?
@Flying_Tiger Thank you!
11 years ago 100m
bolt... he's crazy fast and who knows if somtin could pop up again in gay's leg like it did in t...
11 years ago fyi
jus wanted to tell everyone to watch out for three mcintosh runners at state this weekend davi...
11 years ago top 800m,mile, and two mile runners in georgia
vince brown 2nd in aaaa for 800 at state last year as a sophomore gonna be crazy good this year
11 years ago Junior Olympic XC Championships - Nov. 11 and 17 at Clinton Nature Preserve
does anyone know anything about the course in kansas
11 years ago 5 Meets Today with Results Just Posted
thanks carl...
11 years ago Week 8 Official GA Cross Country Rankings
i dk about 4AAAA white water beat starrs mill tonight at the fayette county meet and Mcintosh be...
11 years ago fayette county
meet today mercy boys took first and mcintosh boys took second to upset #7 starrs mill and #10 wh...
11 years ago Great American results
is the great american course fast or about average when put up against somewhere like carrollton
11 years ago Nike Team Nationals vs. Foot Locker
does it have to be your team or can you get people from others schools and make a team of the num...
11 years ago Sandy Creek Fall Classic Results
yea i felt like my time today was much slower than it should have been.. i consider sandy creek a...
11 years ago Any word on Double Dip?
so are the varsity boys results not going to be posted online at all??
12 years ago pre: fact or fiction?
fiction.. your an idiot pre is the man.. or has been... once was... go pre your theory sucks
12 years ago question
i was wondering if it is just as good to run twice a day as once a day.. for instance am i bette...
12 years ago question
man that sucks about the 4X800... that was my chance to go state.. do you think it will be an eve...
12 years ago question
these might be stupid questions but o well 1. is there a 4X800 at the state meet and 2. if you ...
12 years ago Best XC Camps
i went to the benson camp last summer for a week and it was really good im goin again this year ...
12 years ago cross training
what is the best way to cross train since i injured my foot and cant run...?
12 years ago HOW DO U INCREASE YOUR STRIDE???????????
increasing your flexibility can help
12 years ago 2 questions
I have two questions but they have nothing to do with each other first is does anyone know if ...
12 years ago heart rate
hey i just got a new heart rate monitor and i was wondering how to determine rather than calculat...
12 years ago Top-10 AAAA state predictions
Guys Individuals 1. Enriquez 2. Eldredge 3. Lord 4. Winters 5. Waltson 6. Sapp 7. Voyles ...
12 years ago Regions 1 and 2 in AAAA
Mcintosh guys were 2 starrs mill 3 northgate 4
12 years ago Regions 1 and 2 in AAAA
emily did get hurt playin frisbee but state is still looking hopeful
12 years ago Regions 1 and 2 in AAAA
on the 2AAAA side Woodward girls and guys won overall and Mcintosh girls and guys got second. on...
12 years ago Regions 1 and 2 in AAAA
Woodward girls and guys won overall and Mcintosh girls and guys got second. on the guys side sta...
12 years ago Region 2-AAAA
Any predictions?