AHSAA 1A/2A Section 1 2021

Andalusia, AL

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions




1. A school team must compete in at least three sanctioned meets prior to the section meet.

2 All meets will be conducted under National Federation rules, including its

protest procedure.

2. All participants must be eligible under AHSAA rules.

3. All participants in any meet must be accompanied by a faculty member from their school.

4. Only certified healthcare professionals may give Intravenous Fluids (IVs) at a cross country meet.

Special Rules

1. A team must participate in a section qualifying meet in order to be eligible for the state


2. Submit entries via the Alabama Runners website (www.alabamarunners.com) one week before the section meet.

3. A school competing in a section meet may enter a maximum of 10 runners in each division in which it enters.

4. A school competing in the state meet may enter a maximum of 10 runners in each division in which it qualifies.

5. Individuals and teams must qualify for the state meet at a section meet.

6. Running combined races in section meets is permitted at the discretion of the section meet director.

7. Schools may substitute team members between the section and state meets.

8. The assignment of teams in the starting boxes at the state meet will be based on section winners, runners-up, and third-place finishers.

9. Schools that fail to participate in a section meet after submitting entry forms are subject to a monetary fine.

10.Use of GPS

tracking/timing devices by participants is not allowed.

Section Qualifying Meets

The girls and boy's divisions in each class of a section meet will qualify:

(a) The top four teams

(b) The top six individuals not on the section rosters of the four qualifying teams.