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The Southern Showcase September 18th and 19th 2020 - John Hunt Park

2151 Airport Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801 Hosted by Huntsville High School XC

Director: Blake Borden 256.529.2206

Timing: Xpress Timing, Dan Passen

See live results at: 


This year we will have a 12-15 team cap per division to allow for spacing at the starting/finish area and throughout each race. There will be a max of 10 runners per race division as well to keep races smaller.
*Please enter your athletes in the appropriate level. The fastest runners should be in the A race. Slower runners would be in the B or C race. It is even more important this year to allow the proper flow of racing to occur throughout the event. My suggestions preseason for levels of these races are as follows: 
Large School A Boys - Sub 18:15
Large School B Boys - 18:15 to 20:45
Large School C Boys - above 20:45 / remaining runners
Large School A Girls - Sub 20:55
Large School B Girls - 20:55-23:25
Large School C Girls - above 23:25 / remaining runners
Small School A Boys - Sub 20
Small School B Boys - 20-22:30
Small School C Boys - Above 22:30 / remaining runners
Small School A Girls - Sub 22:00
Small School B Girls - 22 - 24:45
Small School C Girls - Above 24:45 / remaining runners
*If you will communicate up front that you have a special circumstance such as 8 A team runners and 2 C team runners, I will work with you on waiving the cost for the C division, but that is how you should enter your runners. You should NOT simply put your 2 C team runners in the A team race because you have a total of 10 runners and that is the more convenient option. Thank you!
*Please plan accordingly knowing these details up front.
*If you are a small school that would like to participate in the large school races on Saturday please contact me ASAP to check if there will be room. 
*We follow the school size category of the AHSAA, therefore, out of state private schools must multiply enrollment by1.35% (grades 10-12) to determine the division that your team will compete in.
Race Schedule & Format: Friday - Small Schools / Saturday - Large Schools 

1A-2A Division: 221 Students or less in grades 10-12

3A-4A Division: 222 Students or more, up to 373 students in grades 10-12

2:30 pm - Course opens for preview

3:20 pm - Course closes for preview

330pm - JH Boys B - Runners 11-25 - 7th-9th grade only

345pm - Small School JH Girls B -  Runners 11-25 -  7th-9th grade only

405 pm JH Boys A - Runners 1-10 -  7th-9th grade only

4:20pm JH Girls A - Runners 1-10 -  7th-9th grade only

4:45pm  -  1A-4A Boys C - Runners 21-35 
5:00pm  -  1A-4A Girls C - Runners 21-35
5:30pm - 1A-4A Boys B Runners 11-20 

5:45pm - 1A-4A Girls B Runners 11-20

6:10pm - 1A-4A Top 10 Boys
6:25pm - 1A-4A Top 10 Girls
Large Schools Divisions (Alabama: 5A-7A)

Eligibility Status for 2020: 374 students or more in grades 10-12

Race Schedule:

6:45 am - Race Course Opens for Preview

7:45 am - Race Course Closes for Preview

8:00 am - Large School Boys Runners 11-20 - 19 to 21:30 in the 5K 

8:20 am - Large School Girls Runners 11-20

8:45 am - Large School Boys Top 10 Runners - this should be sub 19 minute runners only

9:05 am - Large School Girls Top 10 Runners

9:30 am - Large School Boys C Runners 21-35 - remaining runners, or any above 21 minutes
9:55 am  - Large School Girls C Runners 21-35
10:20 am - Large School JH Boys -Runners 1-10

10:40 am - Large School JH Girls -Runners 1-10

11:00 am - Large School JH B Boys -Runners 11-25
11:20 am- Large School JH B Girls -Runners 11-25

All divisions: Top 15 receive tee shirts

Top 3 teams in each division receive trophies.

Top 3 finishers in each division receive a medal.

**We will be hosting the following state qualifying section races this year at this course**
1A Section 4 - Athens Bible, Cedar Bluff, Decatur Heritage, Falkville, Ider, Lindsay Lane, North Sand Mtn, Oakwood Adventist Academy, Pisgah, Sand Rock, Section, Skyline, Tanner, Woodville
4A Section 4 - Brooks, Central (Flor), Deshler, Madison Academy, Madison Co, Priceville, Rogers, West Limestone, Westminister Christian, West Morgan, Wilson
6A Section 6
Athens, Buckhorn, Columbia, Decatur, Hartselle, Hazel Green, Muscle Shoals, Randolph, Scottsboro
7A Section 4
Albertville, Austin, Bob Jones, Florence, Grissom, Huntsville, James Clemens, Sparkman

Race Division Eligibility Protocol:

*Teams that do not follow the race division eligibility can result in a disqualification.

Entry Fee:

$50 for each division entered

$15 Per Runner in the matter of runner/runners not having 5 team members.

Max per team - $400

*Payment: Please write check to: Huntsville High XC

*Mail check to:  Huntsville High School 2304 Billie Watkins St SW, Huntsville, AL 35801 POC Blake Borden OR pay at the meet when picking up packets

*Sanctioned: TN, GA, MS 

*Registration deadline is Monday, Sept 14th @ Midnight

******No pets or bicycles are allowed at the race venue perAHSAA*******


The City of Huntsville will be charging $5 for parking per vehicle. Please let your community know this with plenty of notice. Exact change will make this much smoother. Early arrival is suggested as spillover lots will be a bit further of a walk, and or plan for time spent waiting for a shuttle bus. There will be plenty of handicap parking near the course.