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    20th Annual Jesse Owens Cross Country Classic Invitational

                             Oct 5, 2019

Oakville Indian Mounds Park & Educational Center

            1219 Co Rd 187 Danville, AL 35619

                    Host Site of the AHSAA Cross Country Championships '02-'19
                                     Host Site of the 2008 & 2015 AAU National
                                     Race Director Stan Johnson 256.566.4410

  Director of Safety/Mediacal Operations: Stacy Rose                 Venue Contact: 256.905.2499
                      Ambulance Service: Greg's Ambulance Service, Moulton, Al
                                      Encore Sports Medicine Staff Will Be On Site

*Sanctions: The Jesse Owens Classic is sanctioned thourgh AHSAA for Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississipi and Tennessee. The JORC will will be please to pursue any other requests. Due to bordering states participation in the JOC, sanctioning will not appear on C2C or AHSAA. Therefore, if you should need verification that the event has been sanctioned through AHSAA, contact Charalotte Davies @ AHSAA @ 334.263.6994.
 *Register online @   Deadline Registratopm: Oct 1 @ midnight!
                *JOC is timed by Dan Passen and Crew -

                                                      Race Schedule
Start Time                 Division                                                           Entries Permitted                 Race Fee      
7am - 8am              Race Course Walk Through/Inspection
8:10                         Presentation of Colors/National Anthem                                                                                
8:20 (5K)                 Green Division Varsity Girls                              Unlimited                              $65 
8:45 (5k)                 Bronze Division Varsity Boys                            Unlimited                              $65
9:00 (5K)                 Silver Division Varsity Girls                               Max 7                                    $65
9:25 (5K)                 Green Division Varsity Boys                              Unlimited                              $65
9:40 (5K)                 Gold Division Girls (Championship Race)        Max 7                                    $65
10:05 (5K)               Silver Division Boys                                            Max 7                                    $65
10:15                       Green Division Awards @ Amphitheater
10:20 (5K)               Bronze Division Girls                                          Unlimited                              $65
10:45                        Silver Divison Awards @ Amphitheater
10:45 (5K)               Gold Division Boys (Championship Race)        Max 7                                    $65
11:05  (5K)              Red Division Boys ("B" Team)                           Unlimited                               $35
11:10                       Bronze Divsion Awards @ Amphitheater
11:20 (5K)               Red Division Girls ("B" Team)                            Unlimited                               $35
11:30                       Gold Division Awards @ Amphitheater
11:50  (2.1 mi)        Jr High Division Boys (Grades 7-9)                   Unlimited                             $65
12:05  (2.1 mi)        Jr High Division Girls (Grades 7-9)                   Unlimited                              $65
12:15                        Red Division Awards @ Amphitheater
12:40                        JH Awards Ceremony @ Amphitheater
**For the participating schools that do not have 5 runners per division (not a complete team), the entry fee is $15 per individual runner not to exceed $65 per division and not to exceed $35 per "B" team division.

*Failure to enter the correct division will result in disqualification!

Division Eligibility Protocol

Gold Division        Championship Race! Open Division: Best of the Best!
Silver Division       6A-7A Alabama, Enrollment of 599 students or more, grades 10-12. Max 7 entries.
Bronze Division     4A-5A Alabama, Enrollment of 598 students or more, grades 10-12. Unlimited entries.
Green Division       1A-3A Alabama, Enrollment of 296 students or less, grades 10-12. Unlimited entries
Red Division           "B' Team; runners not registered in top 7 of Silver or Gold Division. Unlimited entries.
Jr High Division      Grades 7-9. Unlimited Entries. 
*7-9 grades may participate in the varsity races as long as the runner is a member of their high school xc team.
*You may split your squad into Gold and Silver divisions plus enter remaining runners (not in your top 7) in the Red Division.  
*Please write checks to: Jesse Owens Runners' Club, Inc, Attn Jesse Owens Classic
*Mail check to: Jesse Owens Runners' Club, Inc, P.O. Box 987, Moulton, AL 35650  **Attn: Jesse Owens Classic
*Please note on check: Jesse Owens Classic
*The race course will remain open till 7 pm on Oct 4th.
*Only schools that are members of their respected state associations are eligible to participate in the JOC!
    First 30 finishers in each division receive a t-shirt!
    First 10 finishers in each division receive a medal!
    First overall finsiher in each division recieves a trohpy!
    Top 3 teams in each division receive a trophy!
    Alabama's best team receives a trophy!
***Medical: Stacy Rose is the director of safey/medical operations. Medical attention will be available at the medical station located beside the finish area. Please be advised that race day conditions can be hot, humid, and physically challenging. Coaches are responsible for the well-being of each athlete and should consider each athletes fitness before entry in the meet.
***Ambulance service is provided by Greg's Ambulance Service, Moulton, AL.
***Parking: There will be a $5 parking fee for all transportation vehicles. Team buses/vehicles park free. All parking proceeds go to the Oakville Indian Mounds Park and Educational Center.
***Security: Security from the Lawrence Co Sheriff's Dept will be hired during the hours of the event, no overnight. Security will be available for team tents that are set up for overnight.
***Facilities: No dressing rooms are available. Port-a-Johns will be provided in addition to limited restrooms @ the museum and beside the amphitheater.

************Finishers 16-30 will receive an award t-shirt 30 minutes after after division competing in has been completed @ the t-shirt tent @ the end of the finish line. The runner must present their his/her race bib to the award t-shirt offical in order to recieve his/her award's shirt.**************************
*No pets or bicycles are allowed in the park per AHSAA!

*$5 donation asked for parking.

*The race course is lodged in a charming historical setting. With wooded trails, a few short hills, packed gravel, a wide open start with thousands of supporters cheering a runner on, the participant is sure to have a fantastic experience and perhaps set a new PR! The race course is ideal for spectating! Hope you will participate in the JOC and share the "Rare Moment" with thousands! 

*Be sure to visit the Indian Museum on site of event (256.905.2499) and the Jesse Owens Museum, located 1/2 miles from race venue (256.974.3636.)

Hope to see you at the JOC! Stan Johnson


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