Meet Information



DATE: Nov. 10

SITE: Moulton Oakville Indian Mounds Park & Museum

DIRECTOR: Dewaye Key

MEET REFEREE: Houston Young

SUBSTITUTIONS: May be made before midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 8 by email to

ADMISSION: $10 Per Person

CHECK-IN: Not later than one hour prior to the starting time for each division.


8:30 4A Girls

8:50 3A Boys

9:10 6A Girls

9:30 4A Boys

9:50 3A Girls

10:10 6A Boys

10:15 4A Awards

10:30 5A Girls

10:45 3A Awards

10:50 1A-2A Boys

11:10 7A Girls

11:15 6A Awards

11:30 5A Boys

11:50 1A-2A Girls

12:10 7A Boys

12:30 1A-2A, 5A, 7A Awards

As you plan for this weekend's State Cross Country Meet, please be reminded of a few rules.
  • GPS tracking/timing devices by participants are not allowed.
  • Per NFHS rules, coaches and athletes may not pace or run with participants during the race.
  • Per NFHS rules, the use of electronic devices for any review of an official's decision is not permitted.
  • Please look over the Cross Country Sports Book for more information and times.