Meet Information


$25.00 per team per gender Boys and Girls are separate teams. (less than 5 athletes $5.00 per athlete.) $5.00 spectator admission

Payments Checks Payable to Mortimer Jordan High School Track and Field

Entry fees can be waived if you or part of your staff or volunteers are certified officials and are willing to officiate an event.

Entries will be taken first come first serve to the first 20 teams.

Meet time 3:30 PM

Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the stadium. There will be concessions. A team cooler for water or gatorade/powerade will be allowed. We will however have Powerade and water on the infield for competitors.

We will take the first 20 teams.

I can be reached at

Order Of Events: The entire meet will be run on a rolling schedule

100/110 hurdles (Field events will be run in 2 sessions)



1600                                      Session 1                         Session 2

400                                        Boys Discus                     Girls Discus

100                                        Girls Shot                         Boys Shot

800                                        Boys HJ                           Girls HJ

200                                       Girls LJ                             Boys LJ

3200 run                              Boys TJ                             Girls TJ

300 hurdles                         Girls Jav                           Boys Jav