Austin Friday Night Lights 2015

Decatur, AL
Hosted by Austin

Meet Information

Registration help:

The track meet fees are $5 per athlete and $5 per relay, with a $150 max per boys/girls team.
Make checks payable to Austin High School Track or AHS Track. Payments are due before or on meet day.
1625 Danville RD SW
Decatur, AL 35601
Entry Meet Deadline: April 13 at 11:59pm.

Meet Entries need to be entered on Alabama Runners. There will be no add ins on meet day.
-Unlimited Entries for running events (top 3 teams on team can score only 1 relay can score.)
-All running events are final; seeding will be based on previous times
_ Field Events will be given 3 attempts. The top 9 will go to finals.

********C.F.P.I Timing*********

Scoring points 10,8,6,4,3,2,1

Awards: The top team we recieve a trophy and the top 3 in each event will receive a medal.

The middle of the field will be off limits.

Parking: Please park buses on Betty St., Westmead, or 17th St.

No tents will be allowed in the bleachers you can put them along the outside of the track.

Admission will be $5

Hospitality will be available to all coaches and officials

All field events will start at 4:00. The track will be open till 4:15. The Running events will begin at 4:30.

Order of Events

4:00 Field Events
Shot Girls followed by Boys
Discus Boys followed by Girls
Long Jump Girls followed by Boys
High Jump Boys followed by Girls
Pole Vualt Girls followed by Boys
Triple Jump Boys followed by Girls
The Javelin will start at 5:00 Girls followed by boys

Contact: Ty Chambers 256.457.9990