Meet Information

$ 80.00 per division. If less than 5 athletes, then $ 15 per athlete.

Payments : Make checks payable to Beauregard High School Track

Coaches meeting will be at 8:30 am CST
An athlete may participate in a total of four (4) events only.
Four (4) athletes per event. Two (2) relay teams per division.

SCORING: Team Individual: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 Team Relays: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

AWARDS: Trophies will be awarded to the top three (3) teams in both boys and girls division. Medals will be awarded to 1st-3rd in each event.

CONCESSIONS: Concessions will be sold.

ADMISSIONS: There will be admissions at the gate of the track for $ 5.00.


9:00 4X800m Relay Women
9:20 4X800m Relay Men
9:40 100m Hurdles Women
9:55 110m Hurdles Men
10:10 100m Dash Prelims Women
10:40 100m Dash Prelims Men
11:05 1600m Run Women
11:20 1600m Run Men
11:40 4x100m Relay Women
11:50 4x100m Relay Men
12:00 Special Ceremony
12:20 400m Dash Women
12:50 400m Dash Men
1:15 100m Dash Finals Women
1:20 100m Dash Finals Men
1:35 800m Run Women
2:00 800m Run Men
2:30 200m Dash Women
2:50 200m Dash Men
3:10 300m Hurdles Women
3:25 300m Hurdles Men
3:40 3200m Run Women
4:05 3200m Run Men
4:25 4x400m Relay Women
4:45 4x400m Relay Men
5:00 Awards

9:00 Long Jump Boys Shot Put Boys Discus Girls
High Jump Girls Pole Vault Girls
10:00 Pole Vault Boys
10:30 High Jump Boys
11:30 Javelin Girls Long Jump Girls
12:00 Discus Boys
1:30 Shot Put Girls Triple Jump Boys
2:30 Javelin Boys
3:00 Triple Jump Girls