Emory Crossplex Invitational 2015

Birmingham, AL

Meet Information

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The Birmingham CrossPlex has a six-lane oval, hydraulic track and eight 60-meter lanes for sprint/hurdle events. The track has a Mondotrack surface. There are dual horizontal runways for pole vault, long jump and triple jump. Additionally, dual high jump approaches can be configured along with dual throwing sectors for shot-put located outside the oval.

-- The use of 1/4" pyramid spikes will be strictly enforced
-- NO marking chalk will be allowed on track or runways
-- NO hard shell shot puts or weights allowed. Indoor implements only.

The meet will be conducted according to NCAA Track & Field rules.

Meet entries will be handled through DirectAthletics.com. To register for the meets, go to the website directathletics.com, and log in. Once logged in, click on meets and select Emory CrossPlex Invitational

Registration begins two weeks prior to the registration deadline for the meet. The entry deadline is Wednesday January 21th at 11:59PM.

Entries are $400.00 per gender per team. A total of $800 for men's and women's teams. Make checks payable to Emory University Track. Please note that all entries fees will be assessed and billed based on the entry deadline. Fees are non-refundable. Teams with less than 10 competitors will be charged $35 per competitor.

Because of the large number of teams anticipated in this meet, we will have to limit entries in all field events and running events 400 meters and less to THREE ATHLETES per team. In events 800 meters and over you may enter FOUR ATHLETES per team. You may enter TWO TEAMS per relay.

If you want to enter more than the allowed number of athletes per event, you may do so at the cost of $35 per athlete per event.

If you are interested in competing unattached, please contact Phil Logan (404-451-8485; plogan40@hotmail.com). The cost for unattached entry is $35, which will allow you to compete in up to two events. This is an entry cost and must be paid at the time of entry and is non-refundable. The same entry deadlines apply. As this is a scored collegiate invitational, unattached athletes will not advance to finals.

Performance lists for each event will be posted on DirectAthletics throughout the entry period. Heat sheets will be posted on EmoryAthletics.com at noon on Saturday January 24th. Field event flight assignments will also be available at that time.

Packet pickup is available the morning of the meet. The packet pick-up will be available in the Event Management area on the lower concourse of the CrossPlex. If you are paying in cash, please bring correct change.


All athletes must have their spikes checked at the spike check table immediately to the left as you enter the stands on the finish line side. inch pyramid or shorter spikes are the only spikes allowed on the CrossPlex Mondo surface. When your spikes are approved a colored pull tie will be attached to them to allow you to wear them on the CrossPlex surface. Athletes must have their spikes checked and approved before they will be able to check in for their event. Spikes will be checked again at the clerks area and by the clerk before you are allowed in the warm-up area or the competition floor.

All coaches and athletes must wear their appropriate wrist band identification for access to the track and field area. Wrist bands will be distributed in your team packet.

Track Athletes:
Check in 45 minutes prior to your event at the lower entrance to the warm-up area, located on the west end of the venue. You will not be allowed in the warm-up area before the 45 min mark prior to your event. Warm-up area is for sprinting, hurdling, starts, accelerations prior to your event, not for general warm-up. No exceptions. Pick up hip numbers at check in. You will be required to have spikes checked prior to checking in. Spike Check #1 will be on the West side of bleachers outside of the warm-up area, a zip tie will be attached to your spikes. Spike Check #2 will be at Check in. Spike Check #3 will be upon entrance to the warm-up area.

Field Athletes:
Report to the head event official 45 minutes prior to your event.


Implement certification is located on the east end of the venue by the shot put ring. All implements in both the weight throw and shot put will be checked-in by the Weights and Measures Certifying Official during the final call for each event by the East side shot ring. Please do not bring implements to the inspection table before check-in.


All competition numbers for running events should be worn on the front of the singlet. Field event athletes may wear theirs on either the front or the back.

For the 200m dash, lanes 2-6 will be used. Preferred lanes are: 5-6-4-3-2
For the 400m dash, lanes 1-6 will be used. Preferred lanes are: 5-6-4-3-2-1

60m events
In the 60m dash and 60m hurdles, the top-8 collegiate athletes will advance to the final held later in the day. The next 8 finishers will advance to a consolation final held just prior to the championship final event. Those advancing will be announced and posted.

All other running events
Places in all around-the-track events will be established as heats against time.

Field events
The field events will have 3 preliminary attempts, and 3 final attempts. The top-nine collegiate athletes will advance to finals.

This event is a scored, collegiate event. Points will be assigned on a 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale.

In events with preliminaries, Unattached/Club athletes will NOT advance to finals and they will not score in events with heats against time. Unattached athletes will be allowed in the consolation heats of the 60m dash and 60m hurdles.

The starting height of the high jump and pole vault will be determined by meet management and the head field official based on entry marks. Per NCAA Rules, the crossbar will be raised in increments of 5 centimeters in the high jump, and increments of 15 centimeters in the pole vault.


Coaching boxes will be clearly marked around the perimeter of the track for the field events. No athletes are allowed on the infield except those athletes competing in an event that is in progress. Coaches for the pole vault will be allowed on the infield during warm-ups. Once that event begins, all coaches will be asked to exit the infield. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF THESE REQUESTS IN ORDER TO KEEP THE INFIELD A SAFE AREA FOR ALL COMPETING ATHLETES.

LYNX System Timing will be used in all the races.

No outside food may be brought into the CrossPlex. Outside food may be delivered or carried into the Harris Arena (use doors that say W.F. "Bill" Harris Arena ONLY) which is attached to the CrossPlex. Tables and chairs will be set up in Harris arena for teams to have a place to eat. Food bought at the concession stand may be eaten in the main concourse. No food of any kind is allowed in the stands around the track.

Colored electrolyte type drinks may be consumed in the stands of the CrossPlex. ONLY WATER WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE TRACK AND FIELD AREA SURFACE.


Showers are available in the locker rooms by the warm-up area. Contact Aaron Campbell: 404-727-2074 by Wednesday at 5:00PM for shower needs. No towels or soap will be provided.

Beginning one hour before the start of the meet through its conclusion, trainers and training facilities will be available. Athletes that require taping should provide their own supplies.

Teams may drop off athletes at the front of the CrossPlex main doors. Vans and buses will be directed to park in the lot behind the CrossPlex.

Recommend host hotel is:

SpringHill Suites
2024 4th Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 322-8600

Meet results will be posted on the bulletin boards in the hallway next to the warm-up area. Full meet results will be posted online at www.emoryathletics.com.

Head Coach John Curtin: 404-727-4098, jcurtin@emory.edu
Asst. Coach Lance Harden: 404-727-1572, lance.harden@emory.edu
Asst. Coach Aaron Campbell: 404-727-2074, aaron.campbell@emory.edu
Asst. Coach MedaLana Smith: 404-727-6523, medalana.d.smith@emory.edu