Redcoat Invitational 2015

Madison, AL
Hosted by Bob Jones

Meet Information

Registration help:

Meet Info

Event Limits: unlimited
Relay Limits: unlimited

Meet Fees: $5 per athlete, $5 per relay
$250 max per team, $500 max for boys AND girls team.

* You cannot run your athlete under another athlete's name. In the event that you need to make a substitution, you will have to have the athlete's name changed with the timers and an athlete charge of $5 will apply if the new athlete is not already registered.

Example: If Jim is registered for the 400m but decides not to run it, you cannot run Mark under Jim's name... you will have to have Jim's name changed to Mark. If Mark is not already registered in another event, than you will owe $5 for the addition of a new athlete.

Send payments to:
Brad Jefferson Head Track Coach

Payable to:
Bob Jones High School
Track and Field
650 Hughes Road, Madison, AL 35758