Making the Conversion from Practice to Race Margaret Smith Ph.D. Apr 08, 2020

We are revisiting Dr Margaret Smith's series on mental health in athletes.  So what follows is no magical formula for transformation.Instead, it's a few questions for you to ask yourself.

Making the conversion from practice to race is an issue athletes face each time they throw on a uniform. Dr. Margaret Smith discusses the issue and ways to cope with it.

NCAA All American Shares What it Takes to Seek Greater Heights: Amber Melville Margaret Smith Ph.D. May 12, 2016

Total task focus. That's how high jumper Amber Melville found herself on the podium of the ACC Championships during her first year of college. Attending only to the factors she could control during competition - the elements of her jump, the excitement and positive energy she felt from getting the chance to compete - Amber never realized there were only two other jumpers still jumping.