Janie Ford: Female Athlete of the Week

Janie Ford from St. Paul's competed Saturday at the Jim Tate Relays. In the 100m Hurdles, she ran a personal best of 14.64. She also won the 300m Hurdles and jumped 37-03 in the triple jump for the trifecta.

First off, how do you feel about the weekend overall and how you performed? A PR in the 100 hurdles has to be a good kick start this early in the season. 

This weekend was definitely a good feeling in both hurdle races. I am happy with my times and know I can make more improvements by the end of the season. 

What are some specific improvements you're looking to make? 

In the 100m hurdles I'm really trying to focus on getting my lead leg down faster and working on driving out of the blocks. In the 300m hurdles I am planning to work more on switching legs in order to keep my speed consistent. 

What got you into running track? 

My mom, who is also my coach, had me start track in 4th grade. 

What was the first event you did in the 4th grade? 

Probably the long jump and the 100m. 

Do you play any other sports other than running track? 

I play volleyball. 

What position in volleyball? And do you like it better than track? 

I am a middle hitter. If I had to choose one it would be track but I definitely need volleyball to keep me balanced. 

What has track taught you about yourself? 

I'm a lot more competitive than I think. 

Who is an athlete or school that brings out the best competition in you?

Definitely the larger schools like Northridge or Hoover. 

I know y'all are 6A? But suffer from the private school rules. Do you ever feel looked down on yet you know you can compete with anyone?

I definitely feel like the small fish in a big pond but I love getting to represent my smaller school in my meets. 

What are some big goals you're chasing this outdoor season? Or maybe even beyond in your upcoming junior and senior season? 

My main goal is to stay healthy but 40ft in the triple jump, sub 44 in the 300m hurdles, and win the heptathlon this year. Looking into junior and senior year I mainly just want to enjoy it and keep improving. 

Do you plan to run in college? 

I am planning to. 

Have you started the process at all? I know it's really early. 

I haven't gotten the chance to really explore colleges yet but i've made a track Instagram account to try to get my stats out there. 

Is there any dream place? 

I'm trying to keep my mind open but my mom was a heptathlete at Virginia so it will always be special to me. 

Who is your celebrity crush? 

Ian Somerhalder 

If you could go to any event in history and witness it, what would it be? 

The signing of the Tennis Court Oath at the beginning of the French Revolution. It's the start of many years of revolution, not only in France, but throughout the rest of Europe until WWI. People say when France sneezes, Europe catches a cold. 

What's your pre race routine? 

Try not to cry and always give my mom and dad a hug. 

What's your favorite cheat meal? 

Canes or Chick-Fil-A. 

Which is better? 

CFA for sure 

What's your favorite track memory? 

Post 400m at Indoor State 2022. The relief I felt was so great and I just remember hugging my mom.