Scouting Report: UMS Wright Girls

You return a top 5 with a team average of 20:16 this year.  How does the team look after summer practices so far?
We have a smaller team then last season, but having lost only one senior, we will bring back 8 of last year’s top ten. Our team  does  most of their  work in the summer on their own. From the beginning of July until practice started we would meet once a week for a group run just to get them back into thinking about what  they needed to be doing.  When practice starts it pretty easy to tell who’s been at it and who hasn’t.
Any new additions to the team or surprises we can expect?
We have only about 4 new girls out and they all seem to be excited and we’ll see how they progress.
What is your schedule this season and are you changing anything up?
Our schedule will be pretty much as last season but we will probably be running up at Starkville this year in the Bulldog Invite as something new for us.
What goals has your team established for this season?
Our goal, as always, is to try and get better group wise throughout the season so that at the end we are peaking and not plaining off.
UMS-Wright (AL)  
  1) Ellie Carter   19:51.50  
  2) Greer Lauber   19:58.89  
  3) Anna Hunt   20:12.66  
  4) Emily Douglas   20:22.43  
  5) Audrey Sewell   20:58.89  
  Average Time: 20:16.87 Total Time: 1:41:24.37 1-5 Split: 1:07.39
  6) Anna Miller   21:29.31  
  7) Caitlin Huettemann   21:44.59