Scouting Report: Beauregard HS Boys

You return a top 5 with a team average of 18:14 this year.  How does the team look after summer practices so far?
We survived through the summer. The summer is the toughest time for us, due to the few number of athletes and vacation time. We are still a young team, but experienced. I have 1 returning senior and most of the runners have been running with us for at least 2 to 3 years. We are starting school on Tuesday, August 5th and this means that the athletes will be back together on a consistent basis.
Any new additions to the team or surprises we can expect?
We have a 1st-time senior and a 7th grader that we are looking forward to being a part of this group of boys. We are looking at least 2 of the fellows to have a break-out season.
What is your schedule this season and are you changing anything up?
We are heading to Chickasaw for the first time ever. We are looking forward to competing in it at the beginning of the season. We are planning to go to the Husky Challenge in the middle of October. We haven’t competed in it since 2009. We’ve been having to go to Tiger Classic due to Kiesel Park being the site of our Sectional.
What goals has your team established for this season?
Our first goal is to improve our times. The guys have an idea of what lies ahead of them. The second goal is to win Sectionals. It’ll be tough for us to be moving up from 4A to 5A. If we get the chance, then we will see what we can do at the State Championship.
Beauregard High School (AL)  
  1) Drew Gracia IV   17:51.02  
  2) Jonathan Jenkins   17:55.44  
  3) Micah Sollie   18:05.50  
  4) Tyler Manning   18:30.00  
  5) Hunter Henson   18:52.36  
  Average Time: 18:14.86 Total Time: 1:31:14.32 1-5 Split: 1:01.34
  6) Nate Gracia   20:15.50  
  7) Ben Peppers   22:16.10