Scouting Report: John Carroll HS Girls

You return a top 5 with a team average of 20:12 this year.  How does the team look after summer practices so far?
We are looking very impressive. The girls have done an excellent job of increasing their mileage and pace. This group has been extremely focused this summer.  
Any new additions to the team or surprises we can expect?
We really don't have any surprises other than our depth on the team has increased. If there would be any surprises that would creep in it would be our eighth grade group. One encouraging factor to me is that the leadership has stepped up. They are holding each other accountable for their mileage and encouraging each other. 
What is your schedule this season and are you changing anything up?
Our schedule is pretty much the same as it has been. The only thing we might change is traveling out of state for a few meets. 
What goals has your team established for this season?
Our goal is just to continue to work hard and get better. Everybody starts out the season wanting to win the state meet. Our goal isn't any different. We just want to get better every day. 
John Carroll Catholic High School (AL)  
  1) Bella Restrepo   19:44.00  
  2) Lindsey Granier   19:47.40  
  3) Lauren Granier   19:49.60  
  4) Isabel Reaves   20:38.90  
  5) Grace Galvin   21:03.59  
  Average Time: 20:12.70 Total Time: 1:41:03.49 1-5 Split: 1:19.59
  6) Abby Montegut   21:08.70  
  7) Elisa Reaves   22:07.31