Scouting Report: Auburn HS Boys

You return a top 5 with a team average of 16:26 this year.  How does the team look after summer practices so far?
Summer is a time when it is hard to tell if everyone in one the same page.  So many of our kids have been traveling but it seems that quite a few have been working hard and logging some miles to prepare for this up coming season.  I am looking forward to getting everyone back together in August to see where we are as a team and who is ready to step into last years seniors shoes and be our team leaders.
Any new additions to the team or surprises we can expect?
None that I know of.
What is your schedule this season and are you changing anything up?
Our schedule will be very similar to last year.
What goals has your team established for this season?
We always have team goals to be the best team we can be but our team goals are really broken down into smaller "mini-goals".  We will start trying to meet those mini-goals with the start of practice by trying to find our leaders, and building unity as a team. 
Auburn (AL)  
  1) Adam Ruggles   16:15.40  
  2) Fernando Lincoln   16:17.32  
  3) Seth Glidewell   16:26.30  
  4) Paul Barlow   16:36.00  
  5) Ben Rolader   16:39.80  
  Average Time: 16:26.96 Total Time: 1:22:14.82 1-5 Split: 24.40
  6) Nate Pudner   17:06.70  
  7) Jack Rogers