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2 months ago Cross Country Coach needed
Montgomery Academy is looking for a Cross Country coach and distance coach for track. Contact ...
3 months ago AHSAA State Track and Field 1A-3A 2018
You can drop off implements between 4:00pm and 7:00pm. Should be able to pick up packet. We hav...
3 months ago AHSAA State Track and Field 4A-7A 2018
@Wetumpkatrack The team in question placed 5th in their section with a qualifying time. Top f...
3 months ago AHSAA State Track and Field 1A-3A 2018
People need to be patient. According to the sports book, coaches have until Tuesday to pull athl...
3 months ago AHSAA State Track and Field 1A-3A 2018
Start with the sports book on the AHSAA website. Or like a lot of coaches go through results and...
3 months ago AHSAA 5A - Section 2 2018
Feel free to ask the AHSAA if you can host next year. It would be great if it worked perfectly b...
4 months ago Montgomery Academy Invitational 2018
No finals.
4 months ago JV relay entry problem
4 months ago Montgomery Academy Invitational 2018
4 months ago w-9 form
Which coach?
5 months ago Field Event warmups
Which meet?
5 months ago Race to Fight Hunger Meet - Canned Food Drive
This is our fifth year supporting the Montgomery Area Food Bank. Last year was a best year, as w...
5 months ago How to remove yourself from a meet
On the right hand side it will say Divisions Entered. You can click on "Edit Divisions Entered" ...
6 months ago AHSAA State Indoor 1A-7A Championship 2018
If you google AHSAA Pole Vault form it will link to the PDFs.
6 months ago AHSAA State Indoor 1A-7A Championship 2018
All field events will have a finals.
6 months ago Middle Championships....State Championships
A couple of years ago in an outdoor sectional several athletes which competed in a Middle School ...
6 months ago Race to Fight Hunger 2018
Right now this meet has a password to limit the number of teams. We are trying to get commitment...
6 months ago MLK estimated racing schedule
This is hard for schools not around bham. I am lucky...I can get to the JV meets but very hard f...
6 months ago MLK estimated racing schedule
It's difficult because with one track there are really not that many meets. You add in ACT, SAT ...
6 months ago Icebreaker Invitational 1A-5A, 1/5 - Results Shown for Wrong Person
Timer information is on the meet website page. Or, ask the head coach to fix, or to contact the ...
7 months ago Montgomery Academy Invitational 2018
MArch 21st at 4pm.
7 months ago JV Meets not really JV athletes
I know what you're saying, and it was like that in other states for me as well. What is happenin...
8 months ago Magic City heat sheets and field flights
i have to ask....why is there a dislike on this?
9 months ago Sectional Meets
Shouldn't you start coaching again?
10 months ago invoice
You need to add what meet you are talking about.
1 year ago State Meet location
Cullman is not a 1A - 3A school.
1 year ago AHSAA 1A - Section 2 2017
You need to contact the meet director and let them know specifcally the athletes classification a...
1 year ago AHSAA 4A - Section 1 2017
I sent you Sectional information in an email. It should also be up soon with the meet information.
1 year ago AHSAA 1A - Section 4 2017
I believe the meets were just put on site and meet directors will be getting that information up ...
1 year ago Montgomery Academy Invitaional 2017
My mistake. We are using 3A minimums for the state meet as our minimum mark. You will get the f...
1 year ago Varsity Javelin Entry
What meet?
1 year ago Montgomery Academy Invitational
We have extended the deadline to edit entries until 12 noon. Nothing will be accepted after that.
1 year ago Success - Race to Fight Hunger Collection
I wanted to thank all the teams and people involved in our meet a couple of weeks ago. The Race ...
1 year ago 7A boys PV results are wrong.
How does that work when the results are considered final and you have thirty minutes to protest? ...
1 year ago Race to Fight Hunger 2017
We are having a very large speech and debate tournament the same day so this year we are limiting...
2 years ago T.R. Miller Home Meet #1 2017
I believe he has his own FAT system
2 years ago Ice Breaker
It has to be done. Sometimes kids need to earn the right to compete.
2 years ago 1A - 7A G and B rankings?
Isabella Rowland's profile has already been merged to Montgomery Academy. She is not on the list...
2 years ago Tim Loreman and Almilesplit.com
Thanks Tim!! For answering my stupid questions and solving my problems. lol
2 years ago Hand Times?
Should Alabama Runners accept hand times or at least make a conversion? There are several meets ...
2 years ago Tri-County Invitational 2016
Can we get a schedule of events and a start time. Need to know in case we need to checkout early...
2 years ago Long meet
If everyone brings cans to support the food drive I promise to make the meet go faster tic.
2 years ago JH grades
2 years ago Long meet
With Jr. high division added we have a lot of throwers. Question is where to throw the javelin? ...
3 years ago Martin Luther King Indoor Track Classic 2016
If we want to limit numbers how about limiting the out of state sanctioning for the meet. If Ala...
3 years ago MLK Meet
The MLK meet is listedon the Crossplex calendar which is why I deleted the question which sort of...
3 years ago State-qualifying standards
@schwaggusa Our section was rediculously hard compared to other sections. I know we as a 3A ...
3 years ago Qualifying standards and weather
We are looking at that possibility at our Section Meet(s). It becomes more difficult when you ho...
3 years ago AHSAA 2A - Section 1 2015
Meet information for 2A Section 1 is up on the meet site.
3 years ago Article Comment: Montgomery Academy Meets for a Cause
@jterino I appreciate your "Man" thanks....I think.