AHSAA XC State Championship 2017

  • Coach
    Is there any certain set time that coaches need to meet prior to the race? What is the link to see all of the individuals who were additionally registered along with whole teams on AlabamaRunners? Thanks
  • Site Admin
    jterino Edited
    The list published on 6 Nov on Alabama Runners has all the entrants, individuals and team qualifiers listed on it. On the meet page on Alabama Runners, it states check in should be not later than an hour prior to starting time. Since, by AHSAA rules, check in packages must be obtained by certified AHSAA coaches, I think the answer to your question is at least one hour prior to race start. There is no coach's meeting since the races start roughly every 30 minutes all morning long. The officials will assemble athletes and assign starting boxes before each race starts and provide instructions then.