Tim Loreman

Senior Sendoff: Request for Submissions Tim Loreman May 20, 2018

I plan on highlighting every senior track and field or cross country athlete in the state of Alabama...you just need to send me your information. I am sure there are tons of you out there that always wanted to be on AlabamaRunners.com and now is your chance!

Battle of the Buses 2018 Tim Loreman May 2, 2018

Each season we run a photo gallery of teams traveling to the state meet. Want to see you and your friends on here?  Be sure to tweet @alabamarunners a photo of your team on the road!  Ill add every photo I get!

Are Middle Distance Events the Most Difficult? Tim Loreman Apr 19, 2018

Last weekend I heard an athlete make an argument that the 400m and 800m were the most difficult.  Part of the argument consisted of the statement "you remember their names." I got to thinking....do YOU remember their names?  If not, here are the top 500 All-Time Middle Distance Athletes from Alabama!