Letter to Himself: Trey Cunningham

A few days ago I asked Trey Cunningham to write a letter to the freshmen version of himself.  Truth be told, Im going to miss Trey. The last two years Ive sought him out in every meet we were both at -- not necessarily for an interview, but because he is just a cool kid to talk to.  If you havent taken the time to get to know him, it's your loss.  He's going to do big things in the future.

Dear fourteen year old Trey,

Go with the flow and don't try and please everyone, it's not possible. You will be fine in anything you want to pursue. High school is but a stepping stone that will help you reach your goals. High school also will teach you a lot about yourself and a lot about others as well. It will teach you how to approach people and express your self to get your point across. You will become very close to some people. These friends will be there for you but also break your heart. And it is okay that they will break your heart because it means that you cared and they were only there as place holders for some amazing people that will come along down the road. Never forget where you came from and what has helped shape you.

The second hurdle and it is still a close race....definitely a few years ago.

On the track side of things, don't rush anything, it will come. Your freshman year will teach you what it's like being truly injured and how to handle it. It will also let you know what it is like to be on top of the podium holding a gold medal. You will never forget your first one.