Sports Correspondent

 Fort Walton Beach won the varsity girls division going away, while McGill-Toolen got a big boost from sophomore Ryan Lenaghan and the return of Todd McCarty to win the varsity boys division of the Azalea City Invitational Cross Country Meet Friday afternoon at Battleship Park.

 The Lady Vikings defeated Murphy 29-61, as FWB's Andrienne Magoic upset teammate Katie de Vaux to win the girls race. Magoic's winning time on the soft, grassy course was 20 minutes, 23.12 seconds. McGill-Toolen was third with 66 points.

 McGill-Toolen edged Fort Walton Beach in the varsity boys division 47-55, despite a overpowering first-place finish by FWB's Sam Ishee, who was the overall winner in 16:33.25.

 "Todd (McCarty) ran his first race of the season, and we were glad to have him back," said McGill-Toolen coach Angelo Harris. "Ryan ran a great race as well. We still have two of our top five runners out but we're still hanging in there." In the girls race, the Lady Vikings got four runners in the top 10 to cruise to the team victory.


Team Totals: Ft. Walton Beach 29, Murphy 61, McGill-Toolen 66, Foley 84, St. Paul's 127, Daphne and Baker 170, Fairhope 222.

1. Andreinne Magoic, FWB, 20:23.12; 2. Katie de Vaux, FWB, 20:31.26; 3. Meghan McLeod, Foley, 20:57.64; 4. Lolly York, Murphy, 21:19.94; 5. Brittany Hitpas, FWB, 21:28.06; 6. Laura Friedline, Murphy, 21:41.64; 7. Kristen Williamson, McGill-Toolen, 21:47.00; 8. Nikki Pilot, Bayside, 21:59.82; 9. Christine Rauch, Murphy, 22:04.02 10. Elizabeth Piowaty, FWB, 22:16.55.


Team Totals: McGill-Toolen 47, Ft. Walton Beach 55, Baker 81, Foley 95, Daphne 107, Murphy 128, St. Paul's 191, Fairhope 233, Robertsdale 264, Bayside 288, Bryant 296.

1. Sam Ishee, FWB, 16:33.25; 2. Ryan Lenahghan, McGill-Toolen, 17:26.61; 3. Jason Haag, FWB, 17:33.25; 4. Chad Carley, McGill-Toolen, 17:34.57, 5. Steve Mouton, Murphy, 17:41.74; 6. Todd McCarty, McGill-Toolen, 17:46.52; 7. Jason Butler, Baker, 17:49.22; 8. Tyler Kinnebrew, FWB, 17:57.25; 9. Derek White, Daphne, 17:58.00; 10. Eric Birch, Baker, 18:07.86.