Huntsville Big Cat Invitational 2021

Huntsville, AL
Hosted by Huntsville HS
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The Huntsville Big Cat Invitational is changing this year. I am going to hold it over two days, Friday and Saturday. I will most likely be taking around the first 20-25 teams to enter, so if you are interested, enter your team in the meet ASAP so I know you plan to come and to reserve your spot.  **UPDATE - we have reached team capacity. 

Here are the GoFan ticket purchase links: 

**We will accept cash at the gate as well, but you must wear a facial covering when not able to safely distance from those not in your household, i.e upon entry at the admissions gate. 

Friday will be a day for athletes outside of your top three and/or those who will not be competing at the section level. It is also a day for B & C team relays to allow for those outside your top 3-4 one last relay team experience. I will not limit the amount of athletes a team can enter on Friday in every individual running event but some will be limited & the meet will have an overall cap based on health guidelines related to capacity of the facility, so with this you should expect that in the distance races heats will be large on Friday. We are also not doing finals in field events; 3 attempts period.

*If you have a small team, I don't mind if you enter the same athletes on Friday and Saturday, but they should not be doing their primary events on Friday/the same events, both days. Max number of events is still 4 per level. 

Saturday is meant to be for your Varsity and will be limited to three per individual event, and one relay team. Saturday is meant to be athletes who will be competing at sectionals looking to move on to state - i.e a "pre-sectionals". Please be cognizant of this while you do your entries. The events in registration titled varsity are for your Saturday competitors.

Team awards will be based on Saturday performances only. Medals to the top three per event with podium photo ops will occur for both days. For the 4x800 on Saturday, we will run 1 heat per gender to be able to stick to our schedule. We will use a waterfall start if necessary. If your relay will not make the cut-off and you want to run it, please feel free to run it on Friday. Lastly, you will not enter the same athletes on Friday that you do on Saturday. The same events are being offered both days. 

Director: Blake Borden, -- 256-529-2206

When: April 16-17, 2021

Where: Milton Frank Stadium (Huntsville, Ala.)

Friday: Athletes outside of your top three per individual event / B & C team relays / not near state qualifiers for that event in particular

Saturday: Top three per event, A team relays -- lets make this a true pre-sectional level day of competition --in other words, if the athlete will have no chance at sectionals to qualify for state, please don't enter them on Saturday, enter them on Friday. 

Friday 3:00 PM for field and 3:30 PM for track & Saturday: 8:30 AM for track, 9:00 AM for field

Entry: All entries will be made on-line on: $10 per individual entry/ $20 for relays, up to $250 per gender. Max for each school is $500 regardless of if you compete on one or both days. 

- Please bring the entry fee check with you to the meet. 

*Top 3 on each team can score; 1 relay per school can score
* All running events are finals, seeding based on times. Heats will run slow to fast.
* All field events will be 3 attempts. No finals.
*Friday: Only 4 entries per school for the long and triple jump. 8 team max on all other field events.


Please inform your program that admission is $5 for all spectators for each day.

There will be hospitality for coaches and officials only.

The track will be open for warm-ups until 3:15PM Friday, and 8:15AM Saturday. All track events will be on a rolling schedule Friday. Saturday there will be established start times for events.

*****Order of Events*****

3:30 PM Friday Running Events

Outside your top three individuals / B & C team relays

4x800m Relay

4x100m Relay

1600m Run

400m Dash

100m/110m Hurdles

100m Dash

800m Run

300m Hurdles

200m Dash

3200m Run

4x400m Relay

3:00 PM Field Events

Long Jump - Girls followed by BoysOutside of your top three

High Jump - Boys followed by girlsOutside of your top three

Pole Vault - Girls followed by boysOutside of your top three

4:00 PM Field Events

Discus - Boys followed by girlsOutside of your top three
Shot put- Girls followed by Boys - Outside of your top three 

**UPDATED due to official shortage** 6:00 PM Field Events - we will start these earlier if the others finish up earlier than 6:00PM, but will put at minimum a 30 minute buffer between 

Triple Jump - Girls followed by Boys -  Outside of your top three

Javelin- Girls followed by boys Outside of your top three


Tentative schedule until heats are established: (Heats will run slow to fast)

****8:30AM TRACK START*** - we will start early Saturday & run the 3200 first for cooler morning temps

SATURDAY - Heats will run slow to fast****8:30AM TRACK START*** 
Track EventHeatsSet start time
Girls 320018:30
Boys 320018:45
Girls 4x819:15
Boys 4x819:30
Girls 4x10029:50
Boys 4x10029:55
Girls 1600210:15
Boys 1600310:30
Girls 400511:00
Boys 400711:15
G 100h411:45
B 110 h211:55
Girls 100712:15
Boys 100712:25
Girls 800312:50
Boys 80041:05
Girls 300h31:30
Boys 300h31:40
Girls 20061:55
Boys 20072:05
Girls 4x422:25
Boys 4x422:35

9:00 AM Field Events

Shot put - Girls followed by Boys

Long Jump - Girls followed by Boys

High Jump - Boys followed by girls

Pole Vault - Girls then boys

Discus - Boys followed by girls

**UPDATED due to official shortage**
11:00 AM Field Events - we will start these earlier if the others finish up earlier than 11:00AM, but will put at minimum a 30 minute buffer between 

Triple Jump - Girls followed by Boys

Javelin- Girls then boys
Starting heights and minimum measurements - all first attempts will be measured. All competitors will get 3 attempts. PV & HJ normal 6 & 2 progression.