AHSAA 6A - Section 4 2016

Scottsboro, AL

Meet Information

Teams: Albertville, Arab, Athens, Austin, Brewer, Cullman, Decatur, Florence, Fort
Payne, Hartselle, Lee-Huntsville, Muscle Shoals, Oxford, Pell City,
Scottsboro and Southside-Gadsden

LIVE Results

NEW Revised Meet Schedule

Revised 3A & 6A Schedule
April 29 & 30, 2016

Friday, April 29, 2016
Running Schedule
10:00 - 4x100 Prelim - 3A/6A******3A will have Finals on Friday. Only 8 Teams!!!!
10:35 - 1600M Final - 3A/6A
11:20 - 400M Final - 3A/6A
12:15 - 100M Hurdles Prelim - 3A/6A
12:30 - 110M Hurdles Prelim - 3A/6A
12:50 - 100M Prelim - 3A/6A
1:40 - 4x800 Final - 3A/6A
2:40 - 200M Prelim - 3A/6A
3:40 - 300M Hurdles Final - 3A/6A ****** We are adding this event to Friday!!!

Field Events will be on a ROLLING SCHEDULE!!!!!!
Each division will start right after completion of division before it.

These Field Events will begin at 10:00!!!
Shot Put - 6A Girls , 3A Boys, 3A Girls, 6A Boys
Discus - 3A Boys, 6A Girls, 6A Boys, 3A Girls
Javelin - 6A Boys, 3A Girls, 3A Boys, 6A Girls
High Jump - 3A Girls, 6A Girls, 3A Boys, 6A Boys
Pole Vault - 6A Boys, 3A Boys, 6A Girls, 3A girls
**Triple Jump - 6A Boys, 3A Boys, followed by Long Jump 6A Boys, 3A Boys, 3A Girls, 6A Girls****
****** Girls Triple Jump will follow completion of ALL High Jump. 6A Girls, 3A Girls

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Running Events
10:15 - 3200M Final - 3A/6A
12:15 - 4x100 Final ******6A will only compete on Saturday!!!!
12:35 - 100M Hurdles Final - 3A/6A
12:45 - 110M Hurdles Final - 3A/6A
1:00 - 100M Final - 3A/6A
1:45 - 200M Final - 3A/6A
2:00 - 800M Final - A/6A
3:15 - 4x400 Final - 3A/6A

****We will use the time schedule unless weather delays. We will then go to a ROLLING SCHEDULE!!!!

Director: Chris Schmidt, Scottsboro High School
Phone: 251-458-6578 (cell) Email: cschmit@scottsboroschools.net

AHSAA 3A & 6A Sectional Track & Field Championships
April 29-30, 2016
Hosted by Scottsboro High School

3A Schools: Ashville, B.B. Comer, Glencoe, North Sand Mtn., Ohatchee, Piedmont, Pisgah, Pleasant Valley, Sand Rock, Susan Moore, Weaver, Walter Welborn, and West Brook Christian

6A Schools: Albertville, Arab, Athens, Austin, Brewer, Cullman, Decatur, Florence, Fort Payne, Hartselle, Lee-Huntsville, Muscle Shoals, Oxford, Pell City, Scottsboro, Southside-Gadsden

Meet Director: Chris Schmidt, Scottsboro High School
Phone: 251-458-6578
Email: cschmidt@scottsboroschools.net

Entry Procedure: All entries will be done through www.alabamarunners.com. All entry marks must have been achieved during the 2016 season and will be verified through www.alabamarunners.com database. There is a maximum of three athletes per event and one relay team per school. Each athlete may compete in a maximum of four events. All relay athletes must be entered as well.

Entry Deadline: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 11:59PM EST. No entries or changes will be accepted after this time.

Entry Fee: $100 per team/$200 per school. Checks can be made out to Scottsboro High School

Mail Checks To: Scottsboro High School 25053 John T. Reid Parkway, Scottsboro, AL 35768

Coaches Admission: An AHSAA coaches card will be required for admission for all coaches, Those without cards will have to pay for admission.

Awards: Trophies will be awarded to the top two (2) teams in both boys and girls divisions. Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for individuals.

Team Scoring: Scoring eight places: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

Concessions: Concession stand will be open each day.

Protest Fee: Any appeal must be given to the referee in writing accompanied with $25 within 30 minutes of the infraction. Appealable offenses are misapplications of NFHSA rules. Judgment calls cannot be appealed.

Qualifying: The top FIVE finisher s in each event meeting the state qualifying mark will qualify for the state meet the following weekend at the state meet. Additionally, four wildcards in each event will be selected from all four section meets. These wildcards must also meet the state qualifying marks. All ties for the final qualifying spot will be broken at the meet.

Appeals: Any appeal must be given to the referee in writing with $25 within 30 minutes of the infraction. If the appeal is upheld, the money will be refunded. Appealable offenses are misapplications of NFHS rules. Judgment calls are not appealable.

***Please make sure you list a VALID email and cell phone number when entering your team on alabamarunners.com

Sectional Notes (2016)

Parking: Parking for buses will be in the grass area on the side of the school and the grass are behind the visitor side of our stadium. If it is wet outside we will park buses behind the school.

School Area: Our school will be in session on Friday. Please do not allow your athletes to go into the school area.

Track Area: Only coaches and athletes competing or about to compete in an event should be inside the track area once the meet starts. Wristbands and coaching passes will be required to gain access to the track.

Warm-Up: Warm-up outside the track area or inside the flagged area on the practice football field.

Language: Any profanity by athletes will result in disqualification from the event.

Uniforms: Athletes must meet uniform rules. Please make sure your relay teams are legal.

Familiarity of Event: Please do not enter athletes in events they have not trained for, particularly pole vault and high jump. This is for their own safety.

Pole Vault and Implement Checks: All vaulters will be weighed prior to their event. Vaulters will only be allowed to use poles rated for their weight. Implements will be weighed prior to event each day.

Checking in Event: PLEASE make sure your athletes check in at events on time. Running events take precedent, but they will still need to check in at field events if they have one at the same time. This is very important. WE WILL NOT ADD THEM LATE.

Zone Judges: We will need to assign coaches to assist as judges for the 4X100 relays. 3A schools will judge 6A schools, while the 6A schools will judge the 3A schools.

Field Events: Qualifying standards are listed below. In all horizontal and throwing events, athletes will receive three attempts with top 9 advancing to finals.

Qualifying Standards: Running Event

3A Girls 3A Boys
300 H 1:00 300 H .52
400 M 1:12 400 M 1:00
800 M 3:05 800 M 2:25
1600 M 7:15 1600 M 5:30
3200 M 15:00 3200 M 13:00
4x400 5:15 4x400 4:10
4x800 13:30 4x800 10:00

6A Girls 6A Boys
300 H .53 300 H .45
400 M 1:02 400 M .53
800 M 2:35 800 M 2:10
1600 M 6:15 1600 M 4:50
3200 M 13:00 3200 M 10:40
4x400 4:45 4x400 3:40
4x800 11:00 4x800 9:00

Qualifying Standards: Field Events

3A Girls 3A Boys
Pole Vault 60 Pole Vault 86
High Jump 42 High Jump 54
Javelin 65 Javelin 120
Discus 65 Discus 95
Triple Jump 26 Triple Jump 35
Long Jump 13 Long Jump 17
Shot Put 26 Sot Put 36

6A Girls 6A Boys
Pole Vault 76 Pole Vault 106
High Jump 46 High Jump 58
Javelin 85 Javelin 130
Discus 80 Discus 115
Triple Jump 29 Triple Jump 40
Long Jump 15 Long Jump 19
Shot Put 29 Shot Put 40