On the Fast Track: Mary Catherine Ellard

  • 1,000 Meter Run3:15.87

  • 1,600 Meter Run5:29.09

  • 2000 Meter Run7:01.70

  • Two Mile Run11:58.29

  • 3200 Meter Run11:48.76

  • 5,000 Meter Run18:43.28

Team: Mountain Brook

Favorite class: Anatomy

Hobbies: playing Legos with my little brother, Baking, making crafts from pinterest

Avg weekly mileage: 35-40 miles

Training changes: I added more strength training by attending group classes at the YMCA on my days off

Goal: leading my team to nationals and running my 5k sub18:30

What goes through my mind: I try not to over think the race and run for my team instead.

Superstitions: I eat blueberry bagels and almond butter before every race

Competition spikes: Nike waffle xc

Favorite tv show: the today show

3 things in my track bag:
1. Homemade trail mix
2. Spearmint gum
3. The stick

What song before race: I really don't listen to a whole lot of music before my races

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