On the Fast Track: Nick Halbach

Personal Bests

  • 1000 Meter Run 2:41.59

  • 1600 Meter Run 4:33.09

  • 2000 Meter Run 6:07.22

  • Two Mile Run 9:50.71

  • 3200 Meter Run 9:48.09

  • 5000 Meter Run 16:15.00

  • 800 Meter Run 1:59.33

  • One Mile Run 4:37.46

Nick Halback

Class of 2013

After finishing 7th at state last year (16:23) Nick Halbach capped off the year finishing 5th in the 3200 (9:56) in Track & Field.  Halbach is entering the 2013 season as the overall 8th placed returning boy in Alabama.

Favorite Class:
My favorite class is History; while, my best class is Anatomy.

In my free time I enjoy carpentry because it lets my mind relax from the stress of school. Just a few weeks ago I made a table and a set of benches for my sister’s apartment.

What has been your average weekly mileage this summer?
This summer has been pretty low key; I ran 35-40 miles per week.

Have you changed anything training wise between last year and this year?
Last year I was focused mainly on distance and endurance, but now my coach has incorporated speed training into our workout.

Goals for this season?
My main goal for this season is to run 15:30 or faster.

What goes through your mind before the gun goes off?
A favorite quote I heard about cross country, “Cross country is easy. You have point A and point B, and all you have to do is run fast between the two points.”

Do you have any superstitions when it comes to competing?
I have only one superstition when it comes to racing. It began in seventh grade from an article on what the great athletes eat for breakfast. It was based off this article when I started to eat one cup of oatmeal with a handful of raisins and a spoonful of brown sugar four hours before my race no matter what time the race starts.

Competition Spikes:
I race in, and always have raced in, Nike Victory XC spikes.

Favorite Television Show:
Even though I’m almost eighteen my favorite show is still “SpongeBob.”

What are 3 things in your track bag you can’t live without?
I’m a simple guy; all I need are shoes, short-shorts, and water.

What song do you always listen to before a race? 
I don’t have any preference to which song I listen to; I just put my iPod on shuffle and hope for an upbeat song.



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