Looking for Team Administrators

Coaches, you can now control your own team page on AlabamaRunners. And it's free. Manage your roster, schedule, team and school info. Even have your own invitational page for publishing details. Ideally coaches will be the team admins, but we will set up athletes or parents as team admins with coach's permission.

* Maintain Team Rosters, including alumni; Correct spellings (we're not perfect), add/correct grad years, add new athletes (your entire team, if you wish); specify a nickname and honors for athletes; upload athlete profile photo.

* Maintain Team Schedule: Add invitationals and dual/tri/quad meets, with notes (for example "Varsity Only, Bus Leaves at 6pm")...

* Change Team Properties: Add Conference, District, Region info; Edit Name and Address, Team Colors, Mascot, etc.

* Upload team logo

* Hosting an invite? Add the teams that are coming, plus upload meet information, including name, date, season, division, awards, entry fee, contact info, schedule of events, additional notes... Includes "Teams Attending" list. (then, as always, be sure to send us results).

Once we activate you using your userID, you just log in, go to the team page, click the orange "Team Admin" button beside the school name, and you'll be in. You will see (Admin) beside the school name, which tells you that you are in. It defaults to Team Settings, but you can see five other areas to click -- Logo, Roster, Alumni, Schedule, Our Meets.

Click through and see what you can. It's quite powerful, and gives you a lot of control. And it's free.

If interested, just email tim@alabamarunners.com. We'll get you started.