Attention Coaches: Relays for Sectionals need your Attention

This year the AHSAA requires relay cards at both sectionals and state.  This will require you to pay more attention this year when entering sectionals.

You may enter up to 8 individuals in a relay ONLINE.  This will not count against any of the individual's total number of events (the max limit of 4) unless their name appears on a relay card as having competed in a relay. 

EXAMPLE: If you have an individual competing in 4 non-relay events at sectionals and they do not qualify in all events entered and you want to put them later on a qualifying relay at state.  If you did not have them listed as an alternate from your sectional list, they will not be allowed to compete on the relay.

On the image above you can see you have the option of using the dropdown to list up to 8 individuals in a relay.  Again, being listed as a member of a relay will not count toward the maximum 4-entry online entry cap.  THE ALTERNATES MUST BE LISTED ON MILESPLIT ONLINE ENTRY AND NOT THE RELAY CARD.  THE RELAY CARD WILL ONLY HAVE YOUR COMPETING RELAY MEMBERS LISTED.

KEEP IN MIND that an athlete will exceed the 4-event maximum if they compete in 5 events.  An athlete becomes a competitor in an event when they check in with the clerk.