Athlete of the Week: Shonedra Richardson (Demopolis HS)

Athlete of the Week: Shonedra Richardson (Demopolis HS)

Talk about this weekend's performance as a whole including your PR in the 60m.

I feel pretty satisfied. I had some trial and error but that comes with the sport. I have a lot to work on but this is just the beginning of things I am capable of this year.

What are some of the specific things you feel you need to clean up?

I am working very hard to get a great start out of the blocks and my 16 step approach in the long jump.

What got you into track and field?

My middle school basketball coach!

What's your favorite track memory?

Most definitely Outdoor State last year doing long jump and seeing how happy and proud my family was.

You recently committed to Auburn. Why did you choose them over other schools?

It felt like I was at home. I got along with everyone like I knew them for at least 5 years. The coaching staff is amazing. The atmosphere was just incredible and amazing.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Lol. Jordan Calloway.

What's your favorite event?

Long jump.

Pick your top 5 long jump field you'd want to jump against.

Jasmine Moore, Tyra Gittens, Tara Davis, Kate Hall, and Deborah Acquah.

What's the one meal you'd eat for the rest of your life if you had to?

Crab legs.

Where is one place you want to visit in the world?


What's your pre competition routine?

Clearing my mind and reading the Bible.

Is there a Bible verse, person, or phrase that keeps you motivated?

Philippians 4:13. "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."

If you were one of the crayons in a crayon box, what color would you be and why?

Pink! Because it's sooo cute.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what are you doing with it?

First, paying off taxes lol and then traveling the world.

Do you have any big goals for your senior season?

My biggest goals are being more consistent and doing better than last year!

What do you want your legacy to be in the state of Alabama track and field?

Not just how much of a very great athlete I am but from how I treat others with care and respect.