Katie Mae Coan: Female Athlete of the Week

Katie Mae Coan from Lawrence County HS was second at the 5A Section 4 race at Scottsboro on Thursday running 18:18. We hear from her about the race and her young running career so far.

Walk me through some of the key points of the race.

I wanted to start the race out pretty strong and the first loop was pretty fast. Then on the second loop I really wanted to focus on the hills and working up them. With about 1k left it was very flat and I wanted to just see what I could do.

Congrats on a big PR! Despite it being your 10th race of the year, how do you find a way to keep progressing and ultimately bettering yourself?

I get to practice with some of the greatest runners in the state every day and we push each other daily to be better.

What got you into running?

My parents ran a lot when I was little and I would go to the races and always wanted to win the trophies.

What's the best workout you've ever done?

We go to a place in the Bankhead National Forest called the T with some very challenging hills. We do a 3 mile out and back times 2 with max effort.

What's a big goal you're chasing through the next 3.5 years of high school?

I would like to finish high school with 6 team State championships. I would also like to win a couple individual State titles in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor track. After high school I would love the opportunity to run at a D1 school.

What's your pre race routine?

I always eat 2 eggs and a Gatorade, I braid the right side of my hair first and I warm up an hour before the race.

What other activities are you involved in at school that's not running?

Other than my church youth group I'm not really involved in anything other than running.

What's your favorite movie?

Captain America Civil War.

What makes the culture of your girls team so special?

We've all become really good friends the past 4 years and we train together 6-7 days a week in and off season and all hold each other accountable.

What's your favorite guilty pleasure food?

I love chicken and rice from any Mexican restaurant.

Which restaurant has the best chicken and rice?

Definitely Rosie's [in Huntsville, AL].

If you were in jail and could call one teammate to bail you out, who are you calling?

For sure Taylor [Williams] because Savannah [Williams] wouldn't answer the phone lol.

What's your favorite place you've ever vacationed to?

My favorite so far was a cruise to Cozumel.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Sebastian Stan.