Savannah Williams: Female Athlete of the Week

Savannah won the Large School Girls race at the Chickasaw Trails Invitational. Her 18:25 led her and her Lawrence County team to their first ever team win there.

Take me through the race and how it unfolded out on the course.

At the beginning of the race everyone got out pretty fast so I had to make up some ground. Coming through the mile, there was a pack of six girls leading and we worked together. By the two mile/hills, the race had strung out and me and my teammate (Katie Mae Coen) started to pull away. Towards the 2.5 [mile mark] I was by myself and really wanted to win, so I picked it up to the finish. That was probably the fastest I have sprinted in a while. 

Do you take any extra pride winning at your home course? And how does it feel to get your first win as a team there?

Yeah so obviously it meant to lot to be able to defend my home course. As a team, we were super excited to win such a competitive meet. This was the first time in our school's history to win Chickasaw, so we were super pumped. 

Did you use last week's close loss as any type of motivation for today?

Yeah that was definitely on my mind throughout this week. At the end of the race, I made sure I didn't leave it up to a kick. 

How did y'all celebrate after the race?

We didn't do too much to celebrate except enjoy ourselves and do a fun cooldown in the rain. 

What's something you want to leave behind to the future of LCHS XC?

A good atmosphere for future runners to come in and work hard and have fun. And maybe a threepeat. 

How impactful is a coach like Coach Stan to the growth and success of your running career?

Coach Johnson is definitely someone I owe all my success to throughout my career. He has helped me become a better runner and a better person. He is the best coach I could ask for. 

What's your favorite running workout?

Probably three by mile repeats.

What's your go-to cheat meal?

Pancakes drowned in syrup.

Which do you like better: Basketball or Running?

Growing up, basketball was always my favorite, but I am starting to lean more towards running now.

Who is your favorite basketball player?

Either Sue Bird or Kyrie Irving.

What's your favorite shoe to train in?

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2.

Where are you looking to go to college?

I'm not entirely sure but probably somewhere not too far away. 

You beat your sister Taylor today, but what's something Taylor is always better than you at?

Probably swimming.