On the Fast Track: Nathan Lewis

Nathan Lewis, a senior at Cold Springs High School, has one thing on his mind...distance. 

Coach Campbell says: It has been a joy and privilege to coach and watch Nathan grow and work as he has become the best. There has never been a doubt in my mind that he would do exactly what he has done. Not only is he a great runner but a truly great person and role model. I have been blessed to have been able to know and work with such a fine young man. I know he is not through and has a great career ahead of him at the next level.

Nathan says:
How do you balance the demand of school and practice with being a normal teenager?
It all comes down to priority. On the very first day of practice Coach Campbell preached God, family, school, and running and in that order. I feel if you keep things in that order then everything else will fall into place. However, there is always that Friday night movie or ball game where you must sacrifice time with friends so that you can get to bed and be ready for that race or speed-work the next day. In order to excel in anything, one must make sacrifices.

How do you get focused before practice? Race?

I do not do anything special when preparing for practice but I never leave the locker room without slapping the sign above the door that reads, “arête”. Arete is a Greek word that translates to being the best you can be. This reminds me to give it my very best everyday in practice.

For me, preparation and getting focused for a race begins well before the day of the race, but on the day of the race I awake in plenty of time to eat before my race (4 hours). I do not stress too much over what I eat. I usually have pancakes or oatmeal. On the way to the race I listen to my favorite contemporary Christian music like Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin. Forty-five minutes before the race you will find me with my brother starting our warm-up. We always finish the warm-up with a prayer before heading back to the tent to put on our racing flats. Next my brother and I find our assistant coach and our dad and get a prayer together. Following this, I do a few run outs with the team and say the Lord’s Prayer in the huddle. After this I am ready to go!

Do you have any post season plans?

I plan to run Footlocker. I am very excited about this race, but I must admit that I am more excited about the Mercedes Half-Marathon in February. Distance is where it is at for me. The further the better! Immediately following Footlocker I will begin training for this race. I absolutely love the training. I ran the Mercedes-Half last year and it was the most fun race I have ever raced in my whole life. I plan to go under 1 hour and ten minutes this year and better my place finish.

Summer mileage:

I averaged 50 miles a week this summer and finished right at 550 miles for my summer training.

Weekly mileage:

My weekly mileage in season is consistently around 38-42 miles.

Training shoes:

BROOKS ADRENALINE!!! My brother and I have both been training in these shoes for four years.


You will never find me doing a speed workout in any colors other than red and/or black. Red and black are my “fast” colors! I must always get “pinkie power” from my mom before a race. Nick MUST be to my right side when we are on the starting line. I do not ever wear socks because I feel faster without them!


I love to do anything outdoors! Fishing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and spelunking (caving) are among some of my favorites.

Favorite school subject:

I have loved all of my science classes, particularly biology and chemistry. I also enjoy the writing portion of my English classes.

Goals for track season?

First of all I would like to just stay healthy and injury free this track season. Under 9:20 in the 3200m; under 4:20 in the 1600m; under 2:00 in the 800m. As a team, I would love to win a state championship.

Hardest workout?

There have been way too many to name just one. Just a few would be: 4x3 mile repeats (prep for Mercedes Half); 16 mile tempo run (prep for Mercedes Half); 12x800m and one I came up with after a terrible race: 1 mile warm-up, 10x200m, 8x400m, 2x800, 5k @ threshold pace, 2x800m, 8x400m, 10x200m and 1 mile cool-down. Nick still complains about how ridiculous that workout was, but I am quick to remind him that he PR’d the next week! You are welcome bro!(Nick's brother Nathan is also a senior at Cold Springs High School.)

Most importantly I wish to always honor, praise, and glorify God through my running! What success I have had is all due to Him! My relationship with God and my running go hand in hand. When I am closest in my relationship with God, that is when I am at my best in running.