AHSAA Updates Indoor Track State Meet Information

With the COVID - 19 attendance restrictions for all indoor sports activities by Dr. Scott Harris of the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is set at 20 percent capacity for all facilities. Therefore, the AHSAA will adhere to these capacity limitations for all winter sport championship events. The Birmingham Cross-Plex's total capacity is 4000, but with the 20% limitation, the capacity is now at 800. This number will include fans and athletes who will be seated in the grandstands. Because of this reduction, the number of athletes that can qualify for the state championship and how the state format will be affected.  The AHSAA Track committee recommendation are as follows:
  1. Athletes should wear a facial covering until they have moved into their lane for the competition or it is their turn for a field event. Immediately upon completion of their race or event, the facial covering should be placed back on the athlete.
  2. Coaches will be required to always wear a mask or a facial covering.
  3. Only the top 12 individuals or relay teams that are entered by deadline date for the state championship will participate per event.
  4. Athletes and coaches not actively participating in an event should be separated from the spectators of fans.
  5. Floor access should be limited to essential personnel only. This would include "active" participants, officials and meet personnel.
  6. Coaching boxes should be limited to one coach per school per box.
  7. When possible, athletes should warm-up outside of the arena.
  8. The interior warm-up track should be limited to only athletes who will participate in the next competitive event.
  9. Have 4 different state championship meets over the 2-day period in sessions by class. See attached schedule (Teams have been participating in meets with sessions during regular season so they will be familiar with the format already.)
  10. All events will run as finals with a max of 12 per event, and 2 heats would run per individual event.
  11. Only athletes who are up on deck for their event will be allowed on the floor.
  12. There will be no sharing of track equipment.
  13. Non-essential personnel will not be allowed on the floor. Everyone else must purchase a digital ticket.
  14. Each school will be allotted 2 tickets per athlete that qualifies, and each school will decide who will receive tickets.
  15. Only coaching cards from the participating schools will be accepted at the pass gate.
  16. College coaches will have to purchase a ticket digital if there any are available.
  17. Indoor Track Championship will be Live Streamed Via the NFHS Network.

AHSAA Indoor State Championship Schedule by Session
First Session Class 1A - 3A 8:00 am until 2:00 pm
Second Session Class 4A - 5A 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm

First Session Class 6A 8:00 am until 2:00 pm
Second Session Class 7A 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm