Passed Championship Format for 2020 State XC

General points of emphasis:
  • Sectional Cross-Country Meets will be held as scheduled. (see AHSAA Sports Book for dates and locations.)
  • Note: If a team or runner tests positive for COVID-19 14 days or less prior to the Sectional or State meet, then that runner or team cannot participate in the meet.
  • Upon arrival at the state meet, parents will stay in their respective cars until 15 minutes prior to their child's race. A schedule with times and instructions will be handed to each car when paying for parking.
  • Fans return to their cars after their child's race is complete.
  • Announcements about wearing masks and social distancing will be made throughout the meet.
  • Announcements about start times and any other important information will made periodically.
  • Schedule and awards presentation instructions will be placed in the coach's packet.

Starting line adjustments:

  • The starting line has been moved up 150 ft. The distance will be adjusted in the first mile; therefore, the mile markers are accurate. The starting line has been measured and designed by AHSAA state meet director DeWayne Key, and he said, "the starting line is designed to offer no distance advantage to any position along the starting line." This will allow for all teams and individuals to qualify from Sectionals.  
  •     1. Assign boxes ahead of time, list the box numbers on, the starting line has no advantages, same distance to first turn from each box.
  •     2. Only coaches and runners at the starting boxes. No non-essentials around starting line.
  •     3. 6 ft wide box for each team, 2.5 ft between each box, calculated for 6A teams, 6A has the most teams in a division with individual qualifiers (calculated on a basis of maximum numbers of teams and individual qualifiers)
  •     4. Require masks until the runner enters the starting zone, hand off to coach before starting time

Finish line area:

  • The finish line chute is wider and longer than usual.
  •     1. Coaches are responsible for cutting the electronic chips from their team members shoes after the race. Please return chips to the registration table with your team packet as well.
  •     2. Each runner can pick up a bottle of water as he/she leaves the finish chute. •


  • Tickets will be sold online with GoFan and at the ticket gates the day of the event.
  • Pass Gate will only allow coaches and administrators in and have schedule so that they only go to watch their school run. Schedule will be handed out to coaches and administrators so they know time of race. •


  • Medals will be placed on a table by Registration Tent and Top 15 runners will come by and pick up their medal packets individually. Announcer will announce Top 15 individuals from each class race.
  • Team trophies will be on table for the head coach to pick up after awards announcement, and a team picture will be taken in a specified location by AHSAA photographer. Announcer will announce Top 5 teams.
  • Wipes will be provided on the table.