Free Watch Party: The Perfect Race !

Running movies are few and far between but Dave Christiano from Nashville continues to put out solid family friendly flicks targeted at viewers who enjoy the sports of cross country and track and field but demand a great plot as well. Unfortunately, these movies rarely hit Alabama theaters so we gathered up some sponsors (John Bargainer of Smilemakers dentistry and John Dorough of Harmon, Dennis, Bradshaw Inc), rented the best theater in Montgomery and bought all the tickets so YOU, your team, friends and family can come watch for FREE!

WHEN: OCTOBER 21 st 7:00pm
HOW: Email with how many seats to reserve.

**Note: There are no trailers so be early. If you reserve, please attend.

Do your homework early! Check out the Trailer Here: We did this same thing a few years ago and had a great time watching Remember the Goal. You can stream it on Amazon now. The Perfect Race is the sequel to Remember the Goal. Dave uses Tennessee based actors and extras so you may very well see people you have raced against! Including Allee Sutton Hethcoat 2017 Miss Tennessee USA who reprises her role as Coach Smith-Donnelly.

Can't make October 21 st … we will be doing the same thing in Opelika the next week.

We can't wait to see you there!

Gone for a run, Presley Miles