Senior Sendoff - Claire Vaughn - Helena High School

1. Claire Vaughn
2. Helena High School
3. My most memorable meet was the Allstate Sugar Bowl Classic in New Orleans, LA. my sophomore year at Pelham High School. My best friend Mary Grace and I had the 1600 at 2:30 and the team was allowed to go to the French Quarter before the meet started that day. We got some of the team moms as chaperons and walked down Bourbon Street! Then we ate some beignets and PR'D in the mile.
4. Last year at state outdoor state when Isabelle Valenzuela and I were battling for first in the 1600!
5. Getting second in the 1600 at state is my biggest accomplishment, I believe. All of the crazy workouts my coaches had given us really payed off!!
6. I am honestly very content with my high school running career. I wouldn't have wanted it to be any different!
7. The most difficult obstacle I've had to overcome is definitely fighting through running with severe asthma.
8. I will miss my coaches the most.
9. My advice to younger athletes is: sleep well, eat well, be outgoing and weird and have FUN!!!! That's the best way to make friends.
10. I will be running Division 1 Cross Country and Track with Troy University starting this fall, I will major in Kinesiology and go to Physician's Assistant school wherever God leads me!
11. I would like to say thank you to my middle school coaches who sparked my interest in running (Coach Festino & Coach George). Also to my first high school coaches at pelham, Coach Agro & Springfield, for making me realize how much potential I had. And lastly, to my Helena High School coaches, Coach Russell- for taking a leap of faith and starting XC at our new school! Coach Heidi- for helping him do so. Coach Sparks- for pushing us like you were recently pushed in running at Univ. Of Georgia. And finally, Coach Daniel, the most kind human being I know!! I couldn't have raced all of my races senior year confidently without her pep-talks before every race. :)