Ryan Kirk's Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational Blog - Day 2

“It’s Friday, Friday” ~Rebecca Black. In all serious though it is Friday and that means another fun filled  day in Philly. Our day started with an after breakfast mint, the U.S. coin mint that is. A stunning million coins are produced every thirty minutes while the mint is in full swing. Now that we were all back on the bus we departed for Eastern States Penitentiary, a massive 10 acre jail in the heart of Philadelphia.   Thankfully none of us had ever been to a jail before so it was interesting to see everyone’s reaction to the living condition of the inmates from the 1900’s. After the last photo- op was taken at the prison we headed to the Reading Terminal market for lunch. Sensory overload is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the Market. The choices for food was endless, Davis and Leo even found some sushi! Next order of business was to take a tour of Pennsylvania University. For track nerds like me and Coach Gov. Pennsylvania University is more importantly known as the home of Franklin Field. Every year 40,000 fans visit Franklin Field to watch one of the country’s most prestigious track meets, the Penn Relays. I have been to plenty of cool places with our team like Florida University last year, but Franklin field will always be high up on my list. After my “victory” lap around the track with Jessica and the Pennsylvania crew team we looked at a little more of the campus before heading back to the hotel. At the end of the day it was the night before our meet so we decided to take it easy by ordering some pizza and watching the hit movie, Kung Fu Dunk.