Ryan Kirk's Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational Blog - Day 1

After a night full of air travel and delays we awoke early Wednesday morning for a short bus ride over to constitutional hall.  Our team quickly learned which of our 50+ team members paid attention in American History class. After a quick look at George Washington’s original chair we quickly stopped by the liberty bell before we took a quick lunch break in the mall. Next item on the itinerary was to go tour the campus of Villanova with Coach Stephen’s long time friend, Villanova running head coach Marcus O’ Sullivan.  Coach Sullivan was a beast back in the day breaking four minutes in the mile a staggering 101 times. It was awe inspiring how humble he was considering he is just 7 seconds shy of the world record for the mile.

After our tour of the athletic department we all once again climbed aboard the so far much more reliable bus than last year. We all got out at Haverford College to do our daily run on their trails. While we were there, we happen to make friends with a couple people from another nearby university that was attending a five team cross country race that was going to be held on the campus a couple hours later. After some post run stretching and strides everyone hopped on the bus one more time for dinner at Dave & Buster’s. We stood in amazement at the wide assortment of arcade to choose from. After all the tokens were used up and the tickets were cashed in for prizes climbed aboard the bus to head to the hotel for the night. Hopefully we all get a good night sleep so we will be well rested for the tour of Franklin Field (site of Penn Relays) in the morning