Scouting Report: Montgomery Academy Girls

2012 - 1A/2A State Champions
Your girls team won state last year should be pretty strong again this season. What are their attitudes like coming in to the season?
I think they are excited about the challenge ahead of them.  Obviously a goal is to win a third straight state title.  They understand it will not be easy.  We know the other teams are getting stronger and working hard and that motivates the girls.  Staying healthy will be important.

How does the team look / shaping up this summer?
We have had a good turnout for the summer programs.  We have worked on building our base and getting stronger.  Our depth may actually improve.  

Any new additions or surprises?
We have some young runners who may challenge to be on the varsity squad.  A few of the soccer players and a few new athletes have shown great potential. The key is not rushing them, again keeping them healthy.  

What are your goals or key meets?
Our goal is to put forth effort everyday and in everything we do.  Realizing everything we do is important to making us better more efficient runners.  If we do that and stay healthy it will be a good season.  Our key meet will be our home invitational.  We will take review how we have been running and make some adjustments if needed.
Montgomery Academy (AL)  
  1) Taylor Gerard   19:31.71  
  2) Kaylee Quinn   19:49.48  
  3) Maggie Chambers   20:25.83  
  4) Emily Pierce   20:40.54  
  5) Kate Harris   20:46.65  
  Average Time: 20:14.84 Total Time: 1:41:14.21 1-5 Split: 1:14.94
  6) Ellie Herron   21:08.07  
  7) Scotland Kemper   21:08.61