Meet Information

LIVE RESULTSMeet ProgramUPDATED: DUE TO BACK-TO-BACK LONG AND TRIPLES FOR 7A GIRLS AND 7A BOYS ON THE ORIGINAL SCHEDULE. I HAVE SWAPPED THE TRIPLE JUMPS BETWEEN 7A GIRLS AND 7A BOYS. PLEASE LOOK AT THE UPDATED SCHEDULE BELOW. ALSO, THE BOYS 7A SHOTPUT HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE 10 AM SLOT ON SATURDAY TO PREVENT IT FROM BEING BACK TO BACK WITH THE 7A DISCUS. MCGILL WILL BE PROVIDING ALL SHOT PUTS AND DISCUS FOR ALL DIVISIONS. JAVELINS, HOWEVER, WILL BE CHECKED IN AT THE EVENT AND INSPECTED BY THE EVENT OFFICIAL. THERE WILL BE NO IMPLEMENT WEIGH INS ON SITE. THERE WILL BE FULL CONCESSIONS OFFERED.RESULTS WILL BE POSTED ON THE NEW USA RESULTS BOARD ON THE PRESS BOX SIDE OF THE TRACK. LIVE RESULTS CAN BE FOUND ONLINE UNDER THE 7A SECTIONAL CALENDAR LISTING. IMPORTANT INFO FROM USA TRACK AND FIELD:Hip Numbers are to be placed in trash bins or on the Board at the exit of the track. Entrance to the start area is the near gate of the starting area. (Unless escorted around the outer perimeter of the track.) (This is to prevent them from interfering with other events (High jump Long Jump) and to allow the starter a clear view of all lanes.) At the finish of the race, athletes should exit the gate near the finish area or be escorted by the finish clerk (If we have a finish clerk). Athletes should not be allowed to cross the infield. (There is a danger of stepping in holes and being hit by the long throws.)Start Clerk should instruct athletes when to go and which mark is the start mark for each race. Pyramid Spikes Only. Spikes should be checked and possibly rechecked by the start clerk if possible.Please inform all athletes: Do not Jump the fence No warm ups on the Infield. There is a danger of stepping in holes and being hit by the long throws.) Spectators should be outside the short fence during competition. No Cars parking on or using the side walk, this is a University bus route. Parking should be only in the area designated. Keep athletes off of the High Jump and Pole Vault weather covers for High Jump and Pole vault. (Sitting or lying on them damages the heat seam causing them to leak) Do Not Walk or Stand on the Long Jump covers as this will damage the fabric. Team areas should be outside the fence on the western side of the track. The Athletics Annex building is off limits. Use the port-a-potties located on the west side of the track. Warm up areas: The grass hill on the west side for team camps is a good warm up area. Also outside the entrance to the track is a good grass area. There is also about a mile or so loop outside the track going around baseball, soccer, softball and the band field back to the track.The USA band grass field on the south side of the track will be available for running warm ups. DO NOT THROW in the warm up areas.PAYMENT: make checks payable to mctspikes100$ per gender teamcheck spring book for entry special rulesDue to facility restrictions, the throws will be contested contrary to the 3A state meet schedule AND WILL BE ON A ROLLING SCHEDULE.FRIDAY, APRIL 2811:00am 6A Girls Jav 85'1:00 pm5A Boys SP 39'6A Boys DT 115'6A Girls DT 80'6A Boys HJ 5'8"7A Boys PV 11'66A Girls LJ 15'5A girls TJ 29'2:306A Girls SP 29'5A Girls DT 70'7A Girls DT 80'6A Girls HJ 4'6"5A Boys LJ 18'7A Girls PV 8'6"7A BOYS TJ 40'4:006A Boys SP 40' 6A Boys TJ 40'7A GIRLS LJ 15'7a BOYS JAV 130'6A GIRLS PV 8'6"7A BOYS HJ 5'8"Saturday April 29 Field Events8:00 am5A Girls SP 27'7A Girls Jav 85'10:005A Girls HJ 4'4"6A Boys LJ 19'5A Boys TJ 37'6A BOYS PV 11'65A Boys Jav 125'7A BOYS SP 40'12:006A Boys Jav 130'5A Girls LJ 14'7A GIRLS TJ 29'5A Boys PV 9'67A GIRLS SP 29'7A GIRLS HJ 4'8"2:005A Boys HJ 5'6"7A BOYS LJ 19'6A Girls TJ 29'5A GIRLS JAV 75'5A Girls PV 7'6"3:005A Boys DT 105'7A BOYS DT 115'running events on rolling scheduleFRIDAY RUNNING EVENTS1:00PM4 x 100 prelims1600 final ( 7A 5:45 , 4:45) (6A 6:15, 4:50) ( 5A 6:30, 5:00)400m final ( 6A-7A 1:02, 53.)( 5A 1:05., 55.)100h / 110h prelims100m prelims4 x 800 final (7A 10:45, 8:50) ( 6A 11:00 , 9:00)( 5A 12:00, 9:35)200m prelimsSaturday RUNNING EVENTS9:00am3200 (7A 12:45, 10:30) ( 13:00, 10:40)( 5A 13:15, 11:30)4 x 100 final100/110h final100m final300h final ( 6A-7A 53. , 45.) (5A 55., 48.)200m final800m final (7A 2:30, 2:05) (6A 2:35, 2:10)( 5A 2:40, 2:15)4 x 400 final ( 7A 4:40 , 3:40)( 6A 4:45, 3:40)( 5A 4:50, 3:50)2017 5A, 6A, 7A SECTION 1 STATE QUALIFYING MEETNOTE: Read very carefully the special rules section of the AHSAA website pertaining to the Spring Sports Book. Starting heights and minimum qualifying standards of the events are listed. PLEASE do not enter individuals and/or relays that cannot meet these standards!Date/Site: Friday, April 28th and Saturday, April 29th at University of South Alabama. Admission: $5 per person per day. COACHES MUST SHOW valid AHSAA coaching card for free admission.100$ per gender team. Make checks payable to MctspikesSpikes-1/8 or 1/4 inch only! Clerk will do spike checksConcessions-available both days