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1 month ago Middle school results
@Regenamm I noticed it too! Yay!
1 month ago Middle school results
When will middle school results be formatted so we can see them uploaded to runners individual pa...
8 months ago Live results
The live results link doesn’t work.
1 year ago Parking and Exit from Park
Is the bridge still closed? Should we expect getting out of the park will take over an hour like...
1 year ago Results?
Everything was amazing today. Fast course, great support! The only thing is the live timing lin...
3 years ago 10th Annual Huntsville Panther Invitational 2018
Is this on the 9th or 10th? The site says march 10 but in the description it says march 9. Thanks.
3 years ago Randolph Cross Country Classic 2017
Was this a 3 mile or 5k? The results were entered as 5k time. Just FYI.