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3 months ago Ice breaker travel
For those of us in NE Alabama, please advise best route to Crossplex with interstate construction
8 months ago 3A section 4 sectionals
Where will the 3A Section 4 cross country sectionals be held this year?
1 year ago Pisgah Invitational/Jackson Co XC Meet 2017
Due to low numbers no Jr high race, however, it is 3200m
2 years ago 1st competition date for XC
@blorge Thank you
2 years ago 1st competition date for XC
What is 1st date for xc meets to be held in 2017 8/26? 8/31? I have been told both
2 years ago 1=3A and 4-7A state meet weather
TO: Principals, and Head Track Coaches FROM: Tony Stallworth, Asso...
3 years ago Pisgah Invitational
Greetings Cross Country Coaches: Hope you will please consider attending the Pisgah Invitation...
3 years ago SWMO Running Camp
@chester1976 Awesome camp It is well worth the drive. Best XC camp I have ever taken my kids
3 years ago Track meet with exact same name
I noticed that a school is hosting several track meets and they all have same name. Werent some r...
4 years ago Kudzu Hills-Another Short Course?
There are courses Im sure in the state that are not a full 5K but I feel quite confident that Kud...
4 years ago Pisgah Invitational 2015
8 am VG 845 VB 930 JG 1015 JB
4 years ago SWMO Running Camp
I took my team last summer. It was a great camp! Great team building, educational informative. Th...
4 years ago Meeting
@warrenbrown Cullman 730 AM visitor bleachers
4 years ago Team tents at Cullman State Meet
Where are the areas team tents can/cant be set up at State meet Cullman?
4 years ago Pole Vault Help
email me at ghem11@aol.com and I will give you some details
4 years ago Meet Officials Clarification
Just want to make sure I understand the rule correctly. A meet does not have to have 5 officials ...
5 years ago 1A-3A State Meett
The Meet at Selma was the best run meet of the three years at Selma. There were possible some pro...
5 years ago No show at sectionals
I noticed several schools were in state book to attend sectionals and didnt show. I was intereste...
5 years ago No show at sectionals
Any idea what the fine is?
5 years ago No show at sectionals
If a school has declared, competed in track meets, but does not show up for sectionals, is there ...
5 years ago Article Comment: SECTIONAL LIVE RESULTS: Mountain Brook
Awesome job at sectionals. Meet ran smooth as silk!!! Once again one of the best meet we have bee...
5 years ago Selma as state championship site
The problem is the way AHSAA has hosting State Meet set up. It is very costly for a site to host ...
6 years ago Article Comment: On the Fast Track with Ayleana Mami
She is one of my all time favorite runners!!!!
6 years ago Prayers for Cullman Team, coaches and community
Pisgah cross country is praying for the family team mates and coaches.
6 years ago Chickasaw Stats
@loremtr that is awesome for you to do that!!!! Thanks for ALL you do
6 years ago Article Comment: Live Results: 3A Section 3 / 6A Section 3 - Mountain Brook
@barathon I agree!! And for us 1A-3A schools we get to follow it up by going to Selma
7 years ago Not Ready for Prime Time
I am out of the loop. How did Heardmont get burned? From looking at the map, it looks like a g...
7 years ago Article Comment: 2012 Track & Field State Meet Information
Any word if there will be a coaches meeting on friday morning in Selma?
7 years ago AHSAA 3A - Section 3 2012
As a 3A coach, I want to say this was one of the smoothest sectionals I have been to in the last ...
9 years ago Meet Comment: 4th Waffle House / Yellow Jacket 2010
I have been unsuccessfull in trying to enter your meet. Please advise
9 years ago unattached runner
Explain to me what an unattached runner is?
9 years ago Gettin' Lucky 5K Fun Run/Walk
Pisgah High School in cooperation with Lucky's Supermarket in Pisgah Al is sponceing a 5k Fun run...
9 years ago HVC pole vault clinic
If late june, I would have some.
9 years ago Meet Comment: AHSAA 1A - 3A State Meet 2010
When can we expect heat sheets?
9 years ago Throwing Clinic
The clinic will run from 1 to 4 pm
9 years ago Throwing Clinic
Coach Chip Brundage of Troy Univesity will be at Pisgah High School on Sunday 21 Feb 2010 to do a...
9 years ago Article Comment: Palee Myrex (Cold Springs) signs with University of Alabama
Great job Palee! You have represented our sport the way it should be! Congrats!
10 years ago Outdoor Meet Dates
Outdoor Track Fort Payne High School - Spring 2010 March 2 Tues Varsity 4:00 PM March 11 Th...
10 years ago Guntersville Sectional
As soon as the results are sent to me I will forward them. I should get them by Monday
10 years ago Guntersville Sectional
Well its over! Coach Taylor and his staff did an excellant job in running thier sectional. Were...
10 years ago Date Change
The Jackson County Runners Club Meet to be held at Section High School will be 29 Aug. Sorry for...
10 years ago XC Dates
Sat 5 Sept 2009 Jackson County Runners Club 1st Annual Invitational at Section High School
10 years ago I am trying to find the 2008 sectional results from Good Hope
Thanks for the info
10 years ago I am trying to find the 2008 sectional results from Good Hope
I thought all sectional results were posted on here, but I cant find that one Thanks for the help
10 years ago ??Cross Country Meeting 28 Jan???
I saw this posted on AHSAA under upcoming. Any idea what this is?
10 years ago Any word on track rules clinic
The coach that replaced me needs to go to the rules clinic. I see baseball make up clinic posted...
11 years ago XC State meet Admisssion
great idea or they could stop charging the schools an entry fee
11 years ago Question about Paylee
I saw Paylee today at chickasaw trails with what looked like tape on her hamstring. I do hope she...
11 years ago Top 1-2A schools in the state
I assume all this banter is about boys. I saw the post about ACA and they should be tough, but o...
11 years ago From AHSAA
Its about time! What about alignments for 2008 will they ever be posted or do we just have to fi...