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8 days ago AHSAA dead week
I believe right now everyone is in a dead week until otherwise notified by the AHSAA
2 months ago AHSAA update on COVID-19
I am curious as to how we can make this work. Those hosting meets....Thoughts anyone?
2 months ago Heat Sheets?
What meet are you looking for? Go check out the update from the AHSAA
4 months ago Boys polevault pit
You are listed in the 1A-5A Pole Vault.
6 months ago Competitive Balance Formula
Best example I can give you is St. James was 4a volleyball and moved to 5a volleyball while the s...
6 months ago Competitive Balance Formula
Dont forget the schools who have moved up....and may or may not be moving down. I am pretty sure...
7 months ago Weather
@1145402442138022 You need to reference which meet you are asking about.
8 months ago Results?
I will assume the meet has been done only an hour or so (awards were at 11:30). Please allow the...
1 year ago The 4x4
@bennettwebb Finals are based on time. I would go to the AHSAA Spring Book at look at the sch...
1 year ago Qualified athletes who will not race..
I would try to contact Dan Passen at xpress timing ASAP. He can than notify the next wildcards t...
1 year ago The Times havent been updated
I would reach out specifically to the meet director.
1 year ago Do we know what time we are starting each day?
Information about Sectionals was sent to Athletic Directors a week or two ago. If you did not ge...
1 year ago Errors on women’s 1600m
You need to say what meet you are referring to and possible contact the meet director directly.
1 year ago Results
If the meet was today, you have give it at least a little time to get to Tim and and for Tim to g...
1 year ago Girls 3200
@kingkick I would follow up with an email to the meet director or coach. Maybe give them the ...
1 year ago 3200m boys race
@kingkick I believe all the no shows were listed as a DQ. Not a big deal there. I am sure the...
1 year ago Girls 3200
Opelika is still learning their timing system. I can sympathize from when we had finishlynx/mee...
1 year ago Girls 3200
@loremtr They were not DQs. I think almost all were DNS, or NH in the vault.
1 year ago Girls 3200
There are three girls from MA listed in results for the 3200....they did not run the event, we pu...
1 year ago 2019
Repairs are needed on the track. We will not be hosting any meets this year.
1 year ago State meet
Everything about the AHSAA state track meet, qualifying standards, dates, times etc are on the AH...
1 year ago Race
There is an estimated schedule of events below
1 year ago Payment
@CoachJIngram If you have a copy of the check request I think you should be fine.
1 year ago JV meet #3 estimated racing schedule
Posting to the live results or on Alabama Runners. I think they do a great job.
1 year ago How does one enter?
Information on registration is on the Meet Information Sheet.
2 years ago entry fee
What meet?
2 years ago Directions
You should probably name the meet you are hoping to attend. Or try emailing the coach directly.
2 years ago Cross Country Coach needed
Montgomery Academy is looking for a Cross Country coach and distance coach for track. Contact ...
2 years ago AHSAA State Track and Field 1A-3A 2018
You can drop off implements between 4:00pm and 7:00pm. Should be able to pick up packet. We hav...
2 years ago AHSAA State Track and Field 4A-7A 2018
@Wetumpkatrack The team in question placed 5th in their section with a qualifying time. Top f...
2 years ago AHSAA State Track and Field 1A-3A 2018
People need to be patient. According to the sports book, coaches have until Tuesday to pull athl...
2 years ago AHSAA State Track and Field 1A-3A 2018
Start with the sports book on the AHSAA website. Or like a lot of coaches go through results and...
2 years ago AHSAA 5A - Section 2 2018
Feel free to ask the AHSAA if you can host next year. It would be great if it worked perfectly b...
2 years ago Montgomery Academy Invitational 2018
No finals.
2 years ago JV relay entry problem
2 years ago Montgomery Academy Invitational 2018
2 years ago w-9 form
Which coach?
2 years ago Field Event warmups
Which meet?
2 years ago Race to Fight Hunger Meet - Canned Food Drive
This is our fifth year supporting the Montgomery Area Food Bank. Last year was a best year, as w...
2 years ago How to remove yourself from a meet
On the right hand side it will say Divisions Entered. You can click on "Edit Divisions Entered" ...
2 years ago AHSAA State Indoor 1A-7A Championship 2018
If you google AHSAA Pole Vault form it will link to the PDFs.
2 years ago AHSAA State Indoor 1A-7A Championship 2018
All field events will have a finals.
2 years ago Middle Championships....State Championships
A couple of years ago in an outdoor sectional several athletes which competed in a Middle School ...
2 years ago Race to Fight Hunger 2018
Right now this meet has a password to limit the number of teams. We are trying to get commitment...
2 years ago MLK estimated racing schedule
This is hard for schools not around bham. I am lucky...I can get to the JV meets but very hard f...
2 years ago MLK estimated racing schedule
It's difficult because with one track there are really not that many meets. You add in ACT, SAT ...
2 years ago Icebreaker Invitational 1A-5A, 1/5 - Results Shown for Wrong Person
Timer information is on the meet website page. Or, ask the head coach to fix, or to contact the ...
2 years ago Montgomery Academy Invitational 2018
MArch 21st at 4pm.
2 years ago JV Meets not really JV athletes
I know what you're saying, and it was like that in other states for me as well. What is happenin...
3 years ago Magic City heat sheets and field flights
i have to ask....why is there a dislike on this?