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I have been the webmaster/editor of AlabamaRunners since 2006. In that time we have gone from a relatively niche site to the de facto location for all things XC/Track in the state.

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1 month ago Not listed in 6A filtered results
Robertsdale has been added to 6A for indoor. Should be fixed now.
2 months ago 4x400 and 4x800
Magic City has a 4x400.
9 months ago What happened to some of the 800 races?
@Juska we were not in charge of that particular broadcast and were given the feed by the NFHS Net...
9 months ago where are the 4x400 races?
@callieestewart @sjzibas The rain intermission messed up the internet connection in the facili...
9 months ago Possibly the greatest distance race in Alabama history??
@jterino 6A had the faster time on the day, absolutely! I consider the greatest 1600m race I hav...
9 months ago 4A Section 4 Sectionals What Teams are actually in section?
@sjzibas I just went team by team according to the AHSAA 4A-Section 4 teams. We have them all an...
9 months ago Schedule of events
@fl1-754245ff-1ad8-4fee-aa3e-2aa1e4b6680c Give them some time. I just created the sectional m...
9 months ago Events
The schedule is now on the meet page.
10 months ago Missing Rankings
The AHSAA requires results to be submitted in either HyTek or Racetab format. It has been this w...
10 months ago 6A Rankings.
1A - 4A is completed. Working on 5A - 7A today and tomorrow.
10 months ago 6A Rankings.
@sjzibas working on it.
12 months ago CONGRATS EVERYONE.....we made it through state entries.
Coaches, I have solved a bagillion (if that isnt a word, I am making one for this purpose) issue...
12 months ago Eligibility question
@Rfranklin911 I believe the deadline is tomorrow (Monday) at midnight.
12 months ago Max athletes per event
You can only enter 2 athletes per event per the AHSAA even if they fall inside the top 12.
12 months ago Schedule for the State Meet?
@Runtwig1 Email me the names and meets.
12 months ago Schedule for the State Meet?
@Runtwig1 Are you sure? I just looked and the meet has a 4A-5A 60H for girls.
12 months ago Registration glitch
We are still trying to figure out how to get the 4x400 and 4x800 relays math to work.
1 year ago Standards for state meet
@stodiodio The standards that were originally published on each indoor meet information page are ...
1 year ago Schedule for the State Meet?
@Butchkt I need their names.
1 year ago Schedule for the State Meet?
Just added the hurdles. Oops.
1 year ago Schedule for the State Meet?
@jswagart Im on it. Also, @Everyone.... I just posted the meet schedule of events on the meet...
1 year ago Schedule for the State Meet?
@6acoach I’ll make a few phone calls tomorrow and find out.
1 year ago Schedule for the State Meet?
Updated State Meet Information can be found here [url=https://al.milesplit.com/articles/291897/ah...
1 year ago Days of events
1&2 are Friday. No clue on the availability of Saturday slots. You can check the numbers on the...
1 year ago 200m
I very rarely had a true 60m monster that couldnt hold their own in the 400m. Most sprinters are...
1 year ago Catholic Montgomery
The comeptitive balance document on the AHSAA website is outdated. It still has McGill listed as...
1 year ago Registration
There is no registration for this meet. The athletes are advanced from sectionals.
1 year ago XC State Meet Schedule
@CoachFritz [url=https://al.milesplit.com/meets/400691-ahsaa-xc-state-championship/info#.X43TQ5N...
1 year ago Loved this Race Being Split in 2 Days
@jterino I agree. XC is about the best people being on the line at the same time and racing head...
1 year ago What do I need to do?
If it was the Brooks JV races, for that fixed.
1 year ago New Classifications
@James0306 for XC? They have been completed weeks ago.
2 years ago Opelika Results
@Hayleyhinzlong it is much easier to get a hold of me via email. I dont always check the forums ...
2 years ago Submitting College Commitment
@landon121501 added you. Congrats!
2 years ago Seed times
Not sure where you see a fake time. I just looked at all of the entries and there isnt a single ...
2 years ago Indoor State Championship
@coachnsdq I just checked entries. There are 1A-3A teams already entered. Not sure what your...
2 years ago Indoor State Championship
@mapayne Coach, just looked at your registration. Looks like you need to choose a division befo...
2 years ago Meet info
@ValerieHA1 [url=https://al.milesplit.com/meets/368094/info#.Xhi51JNKj1I]https://al.milesplit....
2 years ago 7A pictures
@mcbaugrad94 [url=https://al.milesplit.com/meets/372837/photos#.XciizUVKhQJ]https://al.milespl...
2 years ago Registration
Several teams have already entered that particular meet. A few with full entries. I just entere...
2 years ago 4A Lincoln Alabama listing.
@Hayleyhinzlong I worked on this a bit yesterday. Hopefully got them off the roster.
2 years ago MS Boys B race
@jowarlick You need to go back and add your team to the B Division. The B race will then show up
3 years ago The 4x4
Ive got the schedule up [url=https://al.milesplit.com/meets/354551/info#.XMncLZNKhBw]here[/url]
3 years ago rankings
fixed Ohatchee
3 years ago rankings
Email is usually a much faster way to get me. These classifications were taken directly as an up...
3 years ago Rankings
3 years ago Classifications Update
I recently went through and updated all classifications and sectional assignments with the most r...
3 years ago Lee County Tornado Victims
I havent heard much around here but I've been sick and havent been out. I think the High Schools...
3 years ago Girls 3200
@floydmp that was a ton of DQs in the meet.
3 years ago Post Race Interview of our team not found
@blakebordenhhs @sjzibas I still have one more card left to upload. Working on that now.
3 years ago Live Stream
@My3boyz1980 The feed will only be live on Saturday.